Lil wayne rap lord lyrics

The 30 Grossest Things Lil Wayne Has Ever Said About Vaginas & Other Stuff

lil wayne rap lord lyrics

Sorry, Slim, But Lil Wayne Is the Greatest MC Alive Lyrics: With the release of The Marshall Mathers LP 2, Eminem declares himself a Rap God, featuring the.

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And yet the album bears seemingly unavoidable marks of the present as well. And, of course, the album length is primed for the streaming era, with 23 tracks in total. Fans of Wayne in any of his modes—playful party rapper, technically-minded booth goblin, OG Auto-Tune warbler—can probably find something they like here without trying too hard. The songs themselves run long as well. There are practically no songs that dip below the three-minute mark; in that respect, Wayne is clearly not concerned with keeping up with the youth. In the lead-up to Tha Carter V , fans questioned whether the protracted delays would result in a final tracklist full of dated-sounding beats and stale flows. The answer to that is: sort of—but not necessarily in a bad way!

Skip navigation! Story from Music. Whether you think he's a rap god or a rapping jackass, you can't deny that Lil Wayne has a way with words. How, exactly, you describe that "way" is subjective: Genius, vile, hilarious, horrifying, brilliant, and vulgar are all acceptable options. One thing we can all agree on is that the dude puts a lot of weird shit in his lyrics.

In his new song "Rap God," Eminem raps at a speed of six and a half words per second. Kanye West's latest album is titled "Yeezus," a combination of his nickname Yeezy and Jesus, while Jay Z fondly refers to himself as Hova, short for Jehovah. Some rap artists throw their egos into their lyrics, too, with a few going so far as to write an entire song about their superiority ahem, Lil Wayne. Though the "best rapper award" is almost definitely a matter of opinion, many of today's hottest rappers have already claimed their greatness. Jay Z has been rapping for almost two decades, and with 17 Grammys under his belt, it's safe to say he is one of the best in the industry. And he's the first to admit it — the man does call himself Hov short for Jehovah. Listen to "Dirt Off Your Shoulder.

Lil Tunechi is known to spit fire with lyrics ten times his stature. Want to empower your mind with words that slay?
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It's a provocative question. Immediately, some wondered if Em was taking aim at his Interscope label-mate Kendrick Lamar, who famously made his own aggressive claim of rap game dominance earlier this year on his "Control" verse, but in many ways what Eminem was doing on this track was more complicated than that. Like Kendrick, Eminem named names, but he wasn't going after his contemporaries. Instead of doing what Kendrick did—threatening to lyrically murder all his rap rivals—Eminem was placing himself in a historical lineage, imagining his own rap Mt. Rushmore and placing his own bleached blonde head right in there. He was staging a rap mythology session, remaking his own version of Clash Of The Titans and releasing the krakken. Even though reactions on social media were somewhat mixed , there's no denying it was an event.

It contains references to previous conflicts in Eminem's career, as well as to other rappers' conduct. The song received very positive reviews, with critics praising Eminem's lyrical ability and rapping speed. The song entered the Guinness World Records as the hit single that contains the most words; it has 1, words. A , Eazy-E , Dr. In the verse that begins at , [13] Eminem raps words in Uh, summa lumma dooma lumma you assuming I'm a human.

?Lil Wayne "Rap Lord" Ft. Swillz (Machine Gun Kelly Diss) (WSHH Exclusive - Official Audio)?

Lil Wayne unknown. Charles : Yes!

15 Rappers Referenced On Eminem’s “Rap God”

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    Lil Wayne 's 12th studio album has officially dropped, sending fans into the weekend with a whopping 23 new tracks.

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