Best way to clean a wooden cutting board

How to Clean a Cutting Board

best way to clean a wooden cutting board

How to Care for Wood Cutting Boards

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Let it dry completely overnight before treating it with cutting board oil , made specifically for wood. You can follow comments to this article by subscribing to the RSS news feed with your favorite feed reader. Hi, Tanya, This cleaning and disinfecting tip is intended only for wood cutting boards. Like you for telling us how to disinfect wood cutting boards!! I am wondering if you can use the same way for plastic or other kinds of materials? Almost all of our cutting boards are Plastic. I clean them as much as I can but they still look dirty.

For the longest time, home cooks were encouraged to use plastic boards, only to find out that plastic cutting boards harbor more dangerous bacteria than wooden ones , especially when food residues like chicken fat are involved. Not surprisingly, many of us have switched back to using wood cutting boards exclusively. The key to keeping your wood cutting board in like-new condition is regular cleaning and a little TLC when needed. Wood cutting boards should never be submerged in water or washed in the dishwasher. Use hot water, a dish rag or sponge, and a little liquid dish detergent instead. Rinse thoroughly then let air-dry. After cooking more pungent foods, use lemon and salt to scour it.

Cutting boards. We all have them, yet none of us really know how to clean them properly. We know there could be bacteria all over the thing, but outta sight, outta mind, right? Keeping your cutting board clean is important and should be a priority. Just like you clean your glassware, pots and pans, you should aim to keep your cutting board spick and span on a regular basis. It'll keep your food uncontaminated, your kitchen from stinking and your stomach settled. Below, check out our tips for taking care of your dear old cutting board, wooden or plastic , so you can enjoy your food with ease.

Your hardworking cutting board constantly plays host to meats, veggies, and herbs. Over time, however, such unsavory characters as bacteria, stains, and odors are bound to make an appearance. Regularly sanitizing your cutting board is key to preventing cross-contamination and food-borne illness. Plastic cutting boards are easy to clean in the dishwasher, but the soft surface tends to develop bacteria-trapping knife scratches over time. So, how do you sanitize a wooden surface? STEP 1 Use a plastic spatula to scrape off any chunks of food lingering on the cutting board, and discard them in the trash.

How To: Clean a Wooden Cutting Board

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