Fidel castro and justin trudeau

No, Fidel Castro is not Canada PM Trudeau's father

fidel castro and justin trudeau

Justin Trudeau's visit to Cuba

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Trudeau then fondly recalled his late brother, Michel, who when they were young kids complained to their mother that he had fewer friends than his brothers. He then realized Alexandre Trudeau was earnestly serious. By coincidence, I was in Cuba the day Castro stepped down. Not being a fan of tyrants, I toasted his resignation in a Varadero bar with a friend who broke his Lent fast from alcohol to join me. That belief helps explain his relentless pursuit of a free trade deal with a country whose economic model, while improving, is best described as crony capitalism and whose environmental practices would never be tolerated by citizens in a liberal democracy.

Never miss a great news story! Get instant notifications from Economic Times Allow Not now. Here are other twisted stories revolving around the lineage of some of the most popular world leaders. Little is known about the private life of Russian President Vladimir Putin. But is it a coincidence that Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin, the self-proclaimed holy man who befriended the family of Tsar Nicholas II, and Vladimir Putin have such similar last names? Rumours claim that Rasputin escaped an assassination attempt and found a way to reincarnate as the Russian leader. Another photo taken of a Russian solider in also looks just like Putin.

The Feb. The Canadian government denied the reports this week.
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In the darker corners of the internet dwells a theory as outlandish as it is compelling: That the real father of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. Trudeau Castro pic. While the Trudeaus did indeed develop an unusually cozy relationship with the Cuban dictator, Justin Trudeau was already toilet-trained by the time his mother, Margaret Trudeau, first met Castro in As has been painstakingly pointed out by the fact-checking site Snopes. Margaret and Pierre were secretly married on March 4, , after which Pierre spent March and April in Ottawa on official business. Here , for instance, is Trudeau answering a House of Commons question about pipelines on the earliest possible day that Justin could have been conceived. Meanwhile, any personal contact between Castro and the Trudeaus was still years away.

The same luscious locks Prime Minister Justin Trudeau drew worldwide criticism for his fawning praise of revolutionary strongman Fidel Castro after the former Cuban leader died in November While Castro is admired by many around the world for his ideological commitments to socio-economic equality and anti-imperialism, he is in equal parts reviled for Cuba's dismal human rights record and political repression. Although Castro is an old family friend of the Trudeaus , it's certainly weird for the leader of a US-aligned liberal democracy like Canada to heap warm praise on the Commandante without also acknowledging the brutality that accompanied his revolutionary regime. Critics were quick to point out that this is irrefutable proof that the prime minister is completely vapid on major issues like international human rights or foreign policy.

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Justin Trudeau has received widespread criticism for praising the Cuban dictator following his death on Friday. The Prime Minister was slammed for ignoring Castro's many human rights abuses describing the communist as a "remarkable" and "larger than life leader".



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