Apple cider vinegar while pregnant

Can Pregnant Women Drink Apple Cider?

apple cider vinegar while pregnant

Alongside green smoothies and kombucha, apple cider vinegar is one of the most popular drinks among wellness enthusiasts thes.

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Pregnancy is that time in the life of a woman when health rules her mind and heart. A pregnant woman would go lengths and breadths to ensure that she has the best of health and her offspring is born healthy and well. Talking of health, the latest addition to the health basket is the apple cider vinegar. Scientifically proven to offer many benefits such as weight loss, low cholesterol, lower blood sugar levels etc. So here we are, with all the information on whether it is safe to drink apple cider vinegar during pregnancy or not.

Apple cider vinegar is a product made from crushed apples through a process of fermentation. It is initially turned into alcohol and then to acetic acid. The final fermented apple cider vinegar ACV is sold in two forms 1. Back to top. Studies suggest that during pregnancy you can drink pasteurized apple cider vinegar as it does not contain any harmful bacteria. ACV has health benefits when taken in small amounts along with other foods 2.

Fortunately, the mere fact that you are showing concern about what you should and should not have during pregnancy shows that you are doing a good job of ensuring your baby has the best chance of being happy and healthy. That being said, is it safe to have apple cider vinegar during pregnancy?
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We often hear about this ingredient being associated with weight loss benefits, health benefits, skin improvements when applied topically, and — the topic of this article — benefits for pregnant mothers-to-be. Apple cider vinegar, also commonly referred to as cider vinegar or ACV, is a product that comes as a result of crushing apples and then leaving them to ferment. Well, pasteurized apple cider vinegar is safe for women to drink during pregnancy, while unpasteurized apple cider vinegar is not safe for women to consume during pregnancy 1. Note from Dr. Christine Traxler M. The slight increase in heat does not change the characteristics of the liquid—it just makes the bacteria die off so the product is safer. Your immune system is already running low during pregnancy, so any bacteria that makes its way into your body from an unpasteurized source may make you very ill.

Is Apple Cider Vinegar Safe During Pregnancy?

Apple cider is nothing more than apple juice before it has been filtered to remove the crushed apple pulp from which is it made. Leaving the pulp in the juice gives it a heartier flavor and its distinctive, cloudy look. It's absolutely possible for pregnant women to enjoy the earthy taste and thick, velvety texture of apple cider, with one important caveat: the apple cider must be pasteurized to ensure that it carries no harmful bacteria.

Apple Cider Vinegar While Pregnant: Is It Good Or Bad For You?

If you are into the stage of pregnancy, then you would be confused about a number of foods. And one of them would be apple cider vinegar. Are you wondering if ACV is good for you during pregnancy? Are you hesitant to consume it because you are worried if it would have an effect on you and most importantly, your baby? If yes, then you should immediately read this post and get everything clear.

Apple cider vinegar ACV is a food, condiment, and very popular natural home remedy. This particular vinegar is made from fermented apples. Some of these may appeal to women who are pregnant. Consumption of bacteria might be a concern for some pregnant women, however. This article explores these concerns, as well as the safety and benefits of using ACV while pregnant. Generally speaking, authorities and research suggest that pregnant women should be cautious when consuming certain unpasteurized products.


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    Use of apple cider vinegar in pregnancy is unproven to be either safe or unsafe. Many of its claimed benefits come from unpasteurized versions.

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    Apple Cider Vinegar in Pregnancy: Safety, Benefits, and Uses

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    What Are The Benefits Of ACV During Pregnancy?

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