Care and use of the microscope lab report 4

Introduction to the Microscope Lab

care and use of the microscope lab report 4

Plateform that supports a microscope slide. Causes stage (or objective lens) to move upward or downward. Holds a microscope slide in position.

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Introduction to the Microscope Lab Activity. Microscopes are tools used to enlarge images of small objects so as they can be studied. The compound light microscope is an instrument containing two lenses , which magnifies, and a variety of knobs to resolve focus the picture. Because it uses more than one lens, it is sometimes called the compound microscope in addition to being referred to as being a light microscope. In this lab, we will learn about the proper use and handling of the microscope. The process known as wet-mount can be used to prepare a specimen on a slide which can be viewed with a compound light microscopes to produce an enlarged image. Looking through the eyepiece, move the slide to the upper right area of the stage.

Microscopy Exercises. The typical compound light microscope Fig. Electron microscopes extend this range further allowing us to see objects as small as 0. Needless to say, development and use of microscopes has vastly improved our understanding of cells and their structure and function. Figure 1.

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Most microscope problems occur as a result of improper handling. When carrying your microscope, hold it by the base and the metal support arm. Do not pick it up by the stage, as this can cause misalignment. When transporting it, use a microscope bag. When using your microscope and adjusting the focus you will need to lower the objective lens down as far as it will go. However, you should never allow the lens to touch the slide you are looking at. Dirty lenses can be difficult to clean.

The light microscopes used in this course are sensitive and expensive instruments that are handled by many students throughout the semester. This lab will teach you the information and skills you need to use and care for the microscopes properly. Many organisms bacteria and parts of organisms cells that biologists study are too small to be seen with the human eye.

If you are interested in getting a close-up view of the world around you, a light microscope could be the right choice. Light microscopes, which employ compound lenses and light, are commonly used in schools and homes. They work by using two lenses: an objective lens close to the specimen being viewed and an ocular lens or eyepiece. Understanding how to properly use and care for the microscope can ensure years of fun, educational use. Although microscopes may seem sturdy they are actually quite fragile, especially their glass lenses and delicate focusing mechanisms.

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