Joyner lucas tory lanez trippie redd

Joyner Lucas – ‘Litty Freestyle’ (Tory Lanez & Trippie Redd Diss)

joyner lucas tory lanez trippie redd

Joyner Lucas - Litty (Tory Lanez & Trippie Redd Diss)

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Not only did he incite a beef, but he dropped a strong set of bars to back it up. For drawing first blood, this was an impressive lyrical display for Tory Lanez. Though he is popular for his melodies and use of autotune, his ability to wrap is highly overlooked. Tory starts off fast, doubles his speed, and packs the track with loads of bravado. The flow is faster than he has ever rapped before, and was seemingly done intentionally as a shot at Lucas who is known for his fast talk. The intent is clear at the end, when he addresses how some rappers feel they are above others due to the speed in which they spit.

Joyner Lucas challenged Tory Lanez to a rap battle on Monday night, and the Canadian artist responded immediately. Lanez stepped up to the challenge with the " Lucky You Freestyle ," proving yet again that those who underestimate his rapping ability are dead wrong. Lucas has snapped back with a rapid response though. The entire battle came to fruition after Lanez claimed that he was better than Lucas, prompting the latter to sanction the contest. Lucas' response arrived quickly, and he calls for him and Lanez to collaborate by the songs end. It feels like a cop-out, or a well-planned ruse to incite excitement. On the chorus, Lucas cleverly uses Lanez's name to piece together a whirlwind flow.

Joyner Lucas – Litty Freestyle ( Tory Lanez & Trippie Redd Diss )

Tory came back stronger with this one, rapping over the Meek Mill beat which Tory featured on which was then reused by Joyner in the song that sparked this response. Tory goes in hard with lines like "Eminem couldn't get ya to a million on the 'Gram, Chris Brown tried, nigga failed both times, I done took ya page to a million in a day, If you ask me, nigga, I'm ya motherfucking cosign", referencing Joyner's high profile features with the two artists and despite successful tracks, the lacklustre impact it had on Joyner's popularity.

Joyner Lucas Takes Aim At Tory Lanez & Trippie Redd On “Litty Freestyle” (Review & Stream)

It started when Tory told a social media audience of fans that he was better. Lucas caught wind and asked Lanez to prove it. In response, Joyner warned Tory as well as another opponent, Trippie Redd not to go to sleep. Before the day ended, the Atlantic Records artist got in his reply. He studied closely and then upped the ante by getting specific when he returned the shots. Lucas also accuses Tory of biting the styles of 2 Chainz and T-Pain.

Joyner Lucas is ready for all the smoke. Yesterday, the Worcester rapper called out Tory Lanez for claiming to be a better rapper.

Joyner Lucas Responds To Tory Lanez With "Litty Freestyle"


Joyner Lucas Strikes Back Against Tory Lanez & He Gets Specific (Audio).
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