Time period of simple pendulum at centre of earth

What will be the time period of a simple pendulum at the centre of Earth?

time period of simple pendulum at centre of earth

As g=0 at the centre of earth the time period becomes infinite as T=2pi/underoot g . Hence T = Infinity @ center of earth for simple pendulum.

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The gravitational force inside the earth is directly propositional to the distance from the center of earth such that. Get 5 credit points for each correct answer. The best one gets 25 in all. Existing Student Sign In x. Get OTP. Resend OTP.

Though not infinite for the earth is infinite for black hole but the value of 'g' and hence, gravity is very high at the centre of the earth km below us ,. The centre of the Earth is occupied by solid material. A pendulum could not swing at that location. Also at the very centre of the earth all the mass is uniformly outside your location - there is no effective down position, so if you created a void to swing the pendulum it would not swing. At the center of the Earth there would be no effective gravity; a pendulum wouldn't work as a pendulum.

The linear displacement from equilibrium is s , the length of the arc. Pendulums are in common usage. For small displacements, a pendulum is a simple harmonic oscillator. A simple pendulum is defined to have an object that has a small mass, also known as the pendulum bob, which is suspended from a light wire or string, such as shown in Figure 1. Exploring the simple pendulum a bit further, we can discover the conditions under which it performs simple harmonic motion, and we can derive an interesting expression for its period.

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Factors Affecting Time Period of a Simple Pendulum



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