Reald 3d vs imax 3d

Differences Between Real 3D & Digital 3D

reald 3d vs imax 3d

[By Timothy Fernandez, CNET]. 3D movies are nothing new these days, with polarized glasses used almost exclusively in 3D cinemas throughout the world.


Larger countries in Asia have several Imax screens. South Korea, for example, boasts about 10 screens while the Philippines has four. Chinaunsurprisinglyhas over Keep in mind that not all Imax cinemas are capable of screening digital or 3D movies since they require different projectors. These passive 3D glasses use polarizing filters to allow each eye to see a slightly different image. The RealD 3D format is natively digital.

While each system has specific differences, all of them have one thing in common: the use of 3-D glasses. This type of 3-D glasses uses special multi-coated lens, which makes them more expensive to produce. The said glasses are not the disposable type and a strict control over the distribution and collection of these glasses are very much apparent in movie theaters. RealD 3D requires a special kind of silver screen to be used in the movie theater because of the polarization needs of the projected stereoscopic image. For a Dolby Digital 3D theater, it actually requires polarized projection as well, but it uses the same standard white screen utilized in ordinary 2-D digital theaters. This also solves the reflection problems encountered in silver screens. In RealD 3D, the movie theater requires expensive investment on digital cinema projectors compatible with the RealD 3D system.

Posted on Friday, February 3rd, by Peter Sciretta. Lets face it, 3D movies are not going away any time soon. So why not experience the 3D in the best way possible? There are several 3D formats. Dolby 3D?

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They're playing 17 movies. But you actually have 21 options because there's so many formats. Should you see "Toy Story 4" in 3D? Hang on, what's Dolby? And why does it cost 18 bucks? Which one do you pick? If you've bought a movie ticket in the last decade, you've seen this: a bunch of different options, each with dramatically different prices.

Difference between IMAX and Real 3D




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