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Ryan Donato: Hobey Baker Award Candidate


He was beloved not just by those he played with, but those he played against. An ideal of American excellence, there is not a finer example of the true sportsman. Mid States Hockey. Hobey Baker Award. Entering Princeton University in , he captained both the hockey and the football teams. When WWI broke out, he enlisted as a fighter pilot, battling in the sky as he did on the ice, earning medals for exceptional valor under fire.

Dear Coach:. Thank you for the great support over the past 13 years. With your continued support we will continue to recognize great kids for their character and sportsmanship on and off the ice. I hope you are excited to build upon the strong tradition in Wisconsin. See Exhibit A.

Dear Coach:.
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This post was contributed by a community member. The views expressed here are the author's own. Candidates are selected by their high school coach based on their demonstration of a number of exemplary character qualities including, positive attitude, outstanding sportsmanship, excellent work ethic, and coachability. It's a nice honor for the hockey program and for Connor as he wraps up his career at WCA. The Hobey Baker Award was established in to honor high school hockey players who exemplify the Hobey Baker ideal that "Character Builds Excellence. This award honors his expression of the highest ideals of character and sportsmanship during his career. Today, every year a single senior hockey player from each participating high school is selected by their coach to be honored by teammates and celebrated by the school community.

The goal of the Hobey Baker High School Character Award is to develop, recognize, and reward exemplary character and sportsmanship demonstrated by our high school players. Each Minnesota high school coach should choose one player from their team that will receive this award. This award is for the player that exemplifies the sportsmanship and character of Hobey Baker. Integrity, coachability, selflessness, and citizenship should be considered. It is not a best player award but a best person award. The recipient of the award will be given a plaque that the coach will present to her at their local end of the season team banquet. The recipient will have her name published, along with all the other Minnesota High School Character Award winners, in Lets Play Hockey State Tournament issue and be invited to a picnic and on field presentation at a Minnesota Twins game at the end of the year.

Westminster Senior Athlete Honored as Hobey Baker High School Character Award Recipient

Neal Broten wins 1981 Hobey Baker Award


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    In we established the Hobey Baker High School Character Award to honor high school hockey players who exemplify the Hobey Baker ideal that.

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