Best builder hall 6 base

17+ Best Builder Hall BH6 Base (NEW!) | Anti 1 Star | 4000+

best builder hall 6 base

BEST Builder Hall 6 Base +3500 PROOF! - New CoC BH6 Base After NIGHT WITCH UPDATE! - Clash of Clans

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Building a good base is very important in versus battles as you need to defend your base from the opponent at the same time when you are attacking. With the update of Builder Hall 6 in June, people find the game more interesting. We can see Night Witch releasing Bats and Roaster in action this time as there where tons of questioning about their abilities and working. Now here are 50 Best design for Builder hall 6 you could find in the game. You must be thinking why we choose 50 designs. It is because we want our viewers to have a variety of designs at one place itself. If you like the post please share it and comment below, which base number you liked the most.

While you can rush pretty fast through the lower Builder Halls, Builder Hall 6 will keep you busy for quite some time and can also give you a hard time with the Night Witches attacking your base and also higher Builder Hall Level players crushing you. Why you only find one base layout for Builder Hall 6 here? This is a base that has four funnels that lead right into the Crushers that will cover the Builder Hall in the core, sweetened with a lot of traps that will give attackers a hard time getting to the Builder Hall. Especially Night Witches are a pain at BH6 because attackers can spam them in the corner and can do a decent attack without much skill. They just deploy the troops and see what happens….

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Posted By Aaqib Javed on December 21st, This base will give you a lot of victories when you get solid 2-Star.
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Builder Hall 6 is here! New upgrades and a lot of new stuff unlocked. There are new strategies and new defenses to plan. And, there is a lot that you need to do. Well, not so much for you! From your upgrading strategies to the best builder hall 6 bases, this guide has everything that you need to know and do at Builder Hall 6.

Builder Base. Home Village. Upgrade your building on the right order is extremely important on Clash of Clans and directly affects the gameplay. With the introduction of the Builder Base the upgrade order is still very relevant, however, the priorities are completely different from the Home Village. With new rules and loot math, it's a completely different upgrade approach here.

These layouts can defend against bombers, Boxer Giants and Night Witches. Go through the top and best builder hall 6 base layouts. Do let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Best Builder Hall 5 Bases. Builder hall 4 Base designs.

Upgrade Priorities

Base done after CoC Night Witch - Welcome to the thirteenth base of our weekly Clash of Clans series, featuring the best base design layouts for the home village and Builder Base.




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