Different types of bunk beds

Types of Bunk Beds and Loft Beds

different types of bunk beds

Whatever your reason for needing a bunk bed, there are a range of different styles and types of bunk beds. Find out which type you need here!.

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Bunk beds can be used for a whole host of different reasons. Our aim from below is to offer you a whole host of original, traditional and contemporary design ideas to fit any home and any room. So, without further ado, check out our 17 coolest types of bunk beds. Learn More. This simple, yet effective bunk bed spread is perfect for almost any room. Not too tall a bed, this would be excellent for young children to add to their rooms too.

Can you believe there are more than five bunk bed styles and sizes you can buy? What exactly does this mean? So the size 1 is over size 2. Simple enough, right? In addition, bunk beds for kids ranges in materials. They can be handcrafted by either metal or wood. Metal bed frames can range in colors from blue , green, red, purple , cherry, silver , orange, black , white , pink , gray, etc.

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Apart from that, if there is one other thing that could bother you, it would most certainly be their demand for unique and individual beds. The only logical solution to this would be choosing a bed that essentially consumes less space, apart from being comfortable separately. Standard Bunk Beds — Standard bunk beds are the most common ones and have a two bunk setup, each with the same sized mattress stacked with one directly under the other. Twin Over Full — A twin over full is similar to a standard bunk bed but as the name suggests, it involves a full sized mattress on the bottom and a twin size on the top bunk. Futon Bunk — Arranged like a standard bunk, these bunk beds have a Western-style futon couch at the bottom which converts into a bed. These bunk beds are ideal for small flats or studio apartments as the lower part can double as a couch during the day.

16 Different Types Of Bunk Beds

Welcome to our guide to finding and purchasing the perfect bunk bed for your kids bedroom — both boys bedrooms and girls bedrooms. The multicolored galaxy of options available today may seem dizzying to the uninitiated, so we are here to help narrow the choices down to what works for you., Whatever your reason for needing a bunk bed , there are a range of different styles and types of bunk beds.




Bunk beds can be used for a whole host of different reasons. Sure, they're handy if you have children who are sharing a room, but they're just as handy as spare.
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