Queen paul rodgers all right now

Queen + Paul Rodgers: "Freddie Would Love It..."

queen paul rodgers all right now

Queen + Paul Rodgers - All Right Now (live in Tokyo, 2005)

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Paul Rodgers is returning to where it all began in more ways than one. Ahead of its release, watch an exclusive video of Rodgers performing Free's hard rock classic "All Right Now" below. Being back at a venue that he has played many times was special to Rodgers. I think a lot of people do. There are a lot of people that are re-discovering it. I still have a lot of my old records from back in the day.

Guitarist May had previously performed with Rodgers on several occasions, including a performance at the Royal Albert Hall. It was made clear that Rodgers would not be replacing Queen's former lead singer, Freddie Mercury , who died on 24 November
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Don't have an account yet? Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. However, the end result both onstage and a live album proved not an abomination, but a surprisingly worthy classic-rock mash-up. Houstoned Rocks recently talked with the leather-lunged power singer about old days, new days and what his real motivation for keeping in shape is. Will you approach picking your material any different from, say, a solo gig indoors at night? Paul Rodgers: Not really.

Queen + Paul Rodgers

Paul Rodgers and Brian May - All Right Now (From "Live In Glasgow")

Queen and Paul Rodgers? Or fire and water, if you will. As Classic Rock wrote this story in mid-March , Rodgers had been rehearsing with Queen stalwarts guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor for a little over a month. So, what could fans expect when the British leg kicked off officially, at Newcastle- upon-Tyne Metro Arena on May 3 ? Rodgers refers again to Freddie Mercury, who incredibly had been dead for 14 years that following November. Just studying his vocal style, really. Getting into the spirit of the man.







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    Paul: Now when I wrote the lyrics to this a, this next song, well, it was all right then, and it's All Right Now.

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