Como se hace el arroz chino

Arroz con Coca Cola

como se hace el arroz chino

Como Hacer Arroz Frito Paso-a-Paso

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Chinese restaurants are very popular in Puerto Rico. Most of them have adapted many Puerto Rican dishes into their menu, creating a unique and exciting fusion cuisine. It's not strange to order some mofongo with pepper steak or some tostones with your noodles. But the star of Chinese food on the Island is the delicious fried rice. There are lots of different styles and flavor combinations of fried rice.

Arroz Chaufa is a great way to use leftover rice, and it's a one-dish meal - what could be better? Add leftover roasted chicken, roasted pork, hot dogs , or just vegetables - it's a very flexible dish. It comes together in just minutes, once the simple prep work of chopping the vegetables and assembling the ingredients is done. More Chinese than Peruvian, this dish has nonetheless broken into the inner circle of favorite Peruvian meals. This recipe is especially good when the rice has been prepared South American-style. Add the remaining oil to the wok, and add the white parts of the scallion, the ginger, and the red pepper.

Cazuela de pollo y arroz

receta ARROZ FRITO CHINO TRES DELICIAS - recetas de cocina faciles rapidas y economicas de hacer


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