Where to file homestead exemption in marion county indiana

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where to file homestead exemption in marion county indiana

Indiana Homestead Tax Exemption - How To File Your Certification Online in Hamilton County Indiana


Individuals with disabilities may contact Jerry Luna at publicfile wthr. All Rights Reserved. Indianapolis - Some Marion County homeowners will get an extra tax bill this fall, and it could be one that is long overdue. The free ride is over for those claiming exemptions they don't deserve. Remember those pink slips delivered with your tax bill last spring? The Marion County Auditor's office has received , of them back - 54 percent.

If you bought a home or refinanced your mortgage this year be sure to file your property tax deductions by the end of the year! The homestead deduction is available if your home is your primary residence in Indiana and it is not a rental house or vacation house. A homestead is defined as your primary residence including a mobile or manufactured home , one garage, and up to one of acre of land immediately surrounding the home. The homestead deduction is now filed for you in most counties at closing through the sales disclosure, but this is a great time to verify with the county that it is recorded. Individuals and married couples can only receive one homestead exemption on one particular homestead property in a year. The second most common deduction is the mortgage deduction. This deduction is available to homeowners who have a mortgage attached to their property.

County auditors are the best point of contact for questions regarding deductions and eligibility. Standard Homestead Credit
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Did you buy a home or refinance your mortgage this year? If so, remember to file your property tax exemptions by the end of the year! During closing, there are a lot of papers flying around. One of the most important is a state-required, bright yellow form and is given to explain the benefits of property tax exemptions. The homestead exemption simply means you are living in the home as your primary residence and it is not a rental house, vacation house, etc.

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    The two homestead deductions available to Marion County and City of Indianapolis residents are the standard homestead deduction and the supplemental.

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