Best haunted houses in michigan

Michigan's Best Haunted House: Top 10 revealed, plus a 'Most Twisted' honoree

best haunted houses in michigan

Got a passion for Michigan's haunted houses? We've picked out the best, scariest ones from across the entire state.

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Lucifer's Asylum was a cutting edge psychiatric hospital specializing in electroshock therapy, More about St. For ten years Chemco has been hosting the scariest haunt in Genesee county. We are an Interactive, Intense Haunted House. Dark Minds Haunted Attractions offers. Geared twoard adults. Celebrating our 8th annual haunt! Deadly Intentions The Final Chapter.

List gets updated annually, starting in August. Additional Websites with Michigan Halloween Info — haunted house listing sites plus links to former local horror hosts and more! Organizations and services based throughout Michigan, most do not charge for investigations. More Local Paranormal and Interesting — find real haunted houses, add your own personal stories on a website, other good stuff. Better than national sites with info of haunts that no longer exist, and local sites with just a few listings. Click websites of Halloween Attractions Haunted Houses to get full details and check for discounts and coupons! Deranged Haunt — in Romulus west of Detroit.

Over three weekends, I traveled to 14 haunted attractions throughout the state of Michigan looking for Michigan's Best Haunted House. The nominees were finalists from polls we conducted on MLive. So, here we go. Michigan's Best Haunted House Top Erebus in Pontiac It's recognized as one of the best in the country, at least that's what friends and relatives have told me for years. It didn't disappoint. Co-owner Ed Terebus and his brother Jim have created an imaginative world of special effects, great acting, meticulous sets and props, all in a four-story haunted house that is several steps ahead of others.

Over three weekends, I traveled to 14 haunted attractions throughout the state of Michigan looking for Michigan's Best Haunted House.
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As the story goes the thieves were looting the bar Just blocks from the Dow Event Center. Night Terrors is the complete attraction with multiple haunted attractions all in one location! Click here and read all the details about one of the Detroit Michigan area's biggest and scariest haunted attractions. Michigan Haunted Houses rated and reviewed by Hauntworld.

But which haunted house is right for you? Are you looking to go the traditional route, or are you up for something a bit more spectacular? For months in advance of the late-October event, hundreds of volunteers work to create a beautiful spectacle for the beautifully costumed guests whose looks are subject to a firm set of rules. The Gala includes an open bar, valet parking, strolling dinner, the Ghost Train ride, and an ice cream parlor. Erebus began in , and was founded by brothers Ed and Jim Terebus. Combining the theme zone model of Disney World with all the monsters, zombies, and chainsaws George Romero could ever have hoped for, Scarefest Screampark packs a whole universe of terror into its secluded woodland setting.

Looking for the top Michigan haunted houses? Get More Details. Wicked Woods is an outdoor terror trek through the dark timbers of East-Central Michigan. The journey typically takes about 20 minutes to complete… that is… IF you can make it through! This is an actor-driven event that can accommodate many types of audiences. They even offer glow in the dark wristbands for those who need the action turned down a notch.

Michigan Haunted Houses Halloween Attractions

A four-story haunted house tower of terror located in Downtown Pontiac, MI. Serving terrifying thrills, unforgettable moments of laughter, and blood-curdling screams.,








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    Access to all three haunted houses via the general admission line.

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    Haunted House Attraction Erebus - Michigan's Best Haunted Attraction

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