Where was cabin fever filmed

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where was cabin fever filmed

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Fifteen years ago, Cabin Fever reinvigorated the modern horror movie scene by going back to the past. Written and directed by Eli Roth, the s-style horror throwback followed a familiar genre trope—a group of college students make their way to a cabin in the woods—then turned it on its head. One sequel, one prequel, and one reboot later, the original film remains one of the best horror films of the past 20 years and has turned Roth into a modern master of horror. Here are 14 things you might not have known about Cabin Fever. I woke up in the middle of the night scratching my cheek, thinking I had a mosquito bite. I looked down at my hand and saw chunks of skin. The next morning I attempted to shave and literally, shaved half my face off.

Line producer Michael Jones and director Travis Zariwny, both Oregonians, were excited to be working on a remake of this popular story. After working together on 15 film projects, Michael and Travis make a great team, with Michael focusing on logistics and Travis immersed in the creative. Together, they have been scaring audiences for six years, and both have accumulated numerous television and film credits. When the opportunity came up to take on Cabin Fever:Reboot , both Michael and Travis insisted that Oregon was the place to pull it off. Travis stated from day one that for him, the project was all about what he knew was here in Oregon. What they did find was the perfect location. A cabin in the woods just outside of Molalla had the perfect setting and the look that they wanted, and it also fit the needs of filming logistically.

Cabin Fever is a American horror film directed by Travis Zariwny and written by Eli Roth. A remake of Roth's film of the same name, the film stars .
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Eli Roth , writer and director of the original film, acts as co-writer and executive producer. A forest-dwelling hermit returns to his campsite after hunting rabbits and discovers his dog Pancakes dead from a mysterious illness resulting in blood spraying on his face. Paul rents a cabin in the woods to vacation with Karen, Bert, Jeff and Marcy. Tommy's odd son Dennis, who wears a paper plate rabbit mask, unexpectedly bites Paul's hand in front of the store. At the cabin, Jeff and Marcy quickly get intimate while Paul and Karen share a kiss while sunbathing.

The story follows a group of college graduates who rent a cabin in the woods and begin to fall victim to a flesh-eating virus. The inspiration for the film's story came from a real-life experience during a trip to Iceland when Roth developed a skin infection. A hermit walking in the woods encounters his dog, who has died of a bloody infection, and the hermit becomes infected. Meanwhile, college students Jeff, Marcy, Paul, Karen and Bert take a vacation to a remote cabin to celebrate spring break. Bert leaves to shoot squirrels but shoots the now disfigured and bloody hermit. Despite the hermit's pleas, Bert flees and remains silent about the incident. The group gather around a campfire that night, where they are joined by a friendly drifter named Grimm and his pet dog, Dr.

Click on the photo gallery below and you'll see a journey that has taken us from making simple movies with my kids all the way to the red carpet! Here's the story in a nutshell:. When my kids were little we had a cabin in the woods. We had no phone, TV or wifi. This was a great way to force us to use our imaginations for fun. So we started making movies as a cure to "cabin fever. But as these films became family treasures, and our fan-base grew, we began improving the production values a little bit each time.

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Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever is a horror film about a viral outbreak directed by Eli Roth. A man is walking in the woods and comes upon a dog that he believes to be sleeping. After poking it a few times, he pulls the dog up and notices that the dog's flesh is rotted, spurting blood on him in the process. Meanwhile, five college friends, Jeff, Marcy, Paul, Karen, and Bert are driving in a van through rural Alabama on their way to the woods for they have rented a cabin in the woods. Along the way, they stop at a local convenience store for food where a young retarded boy outside the store bites Paul on the hand. The locals standing nearby look at the outsiders in their town with suspicion and scorn.

One of the most appropriate ways to review a film like " Cabin Fever " would be to copy and paste Roger's words on Eli Roth's original. Yes, this is one of those questionably greedy, xeroxed remakes, where its business is in restating, not just restarting or rebooting, what the original has done. Yet what backfires in particular about this head-scratching endeavor is that the movie is made for horror junkies, a specific bunch that does not forget—in terms of their cherished titles even from , and those who dare put their marks on them. A remake of "Cabin Fever" could develop itself in an imaginative way, but opts instead to echo huge chunks of the original. At least, some characters die in different ways, and one of the bigger characters a deputy has been recast as a woman. For slight rebranding, the events are all bookended on more serious notes, which creates an overall ho-hum affair out of young people being slowly skinned alive.

Cabin Fever is a American horror film directed by Eli Roth , about a group of college students who stay in a secluded cabin on a camping trip and subsequently find themselves falling victim to a flesh-eating virus ''Fever'', geddit? Roth's directorial debut, the story was inspired by a trip to Iceland, during the course of which Roth developed a skin infection., Once again, the villain is a flesh-eating virus.





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