Let go and let god meditation

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let go and let god meditation

Let Go & Let God - Bedtime Guided Meditation


Lately, my personal practice has been focused on trust and surrender and asking for help to let go of that which I no longer need. Ask and you shall receive. During a recent reiki session, the most beautiful meditation came to me. A meditation that allowed the participants to let go of their fears without pain or struggle, but with ease and peace. I keep coming back to this meditation as the visualization has been really helpful for me. I get that this can feel relentless. As soon as I work through one fear based thought another seems to be right behind it.

We tell ourselves that surrender is a sign of weakness. Many of us have been taught to believe that our Creator is strict and punishing. This is a false image of God created by the illusionary ego part of our mind which thinks we separated from God and should therefore be punished. The ego mind projects an image of a judging, vengeful god because it sees itself as bad, guilty and deserving punishment. In Truth, however, our Creator is the Source of unconditional Love that always sees us as It created us the same pure loving Essence as Itself. However, if you believe that God is outside of you, judging your every move, the thought of surrendering to It will evoke tremendous fear.

This post is about how to let go. For many years, I took my meditation practice very seriously. I dedicated a significant portion of my life to daily sitting and occasionally going on long retreats, which over time proved to be very helpful. This dedication to putting in the time really paid off by improving my experience of life. Try this meditation script for letting go.

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At 41 weeks pregnant birth is definitely imminent and on my mind. To say I am excited to experience birth again is an understatement. But I know many women don't feel that way. I believe it comes back to our beliefs and feelings around birth - our personal birth story - and the collective story we are fed from a very young age. It's hard to feel positive about something when you've only ever heard, read, witnessed birth via FEAR.

Be Still, Let Go, Trust




  1. Lola R. says:

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  2. Lowell M. says:

    Is there something that is causing you so much pain that you are ready to give up?

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