Virginia beach school board candidates

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virginia beach school board candidates

Virginia Beach School Board Meeting June 11, 2018

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As education professionals, it's important to understand the impact decisions made by elected officials have on our schools, our classrooms, and our families. That's why the education association provides an opportunity to members to organize and have a voice in local, statewide, and national elections through our associated political action committees. While we encourage members to contribute, volunteer for, and otherwise participate in efforts to elect supporters of public education, and the fair treatment of education professionals, it's important to note that no association dues dollars are used to support political candidates. It is also important to remember that political action committees associated with the education association are non-partisan. Its mission is to help elect friends of public education. The VEA Fund makes campaign contributions to candidates for the legislature, statewide office, local school boards, and boards of supervisors or city councils.

Wondering who is on the ballot for the November 6, election? Here is a look at the candidates representing Virginia Beach, VA and the upcoming ballot questions. US Senate Candidates. US House of Representatives. Virginia Beach Mayor Candidates. Virginia Beach City Council Candidates. Virginia Beach School Board Candidates.

See below for my list of Democratic candidates not counting incumbents who have announced for so far for Virginia House of Delegates and State Senate, also for County Board and possibly other offices e. For another excellent list, check out this spreadsheet by Josh Stanfield of Activate Virginia. Jennifer Carroll Foy : Heather Mitchell. Todd Pillion : Democrat Starla Kiser. Jeff Campbell : Democrat Jim Barker.

Responses to question have not been edited. We plan to do a more detailed set of questions closer to Election Day, which is Tuesday, Nov. Email: pday cox. Website: PaulDay. What are your specific qualifications for this office? E officer who has also served as a substitute teacher and security officer in many of our elementary, middle and high schools throughout our great city. For twenty-seven years in our city as a police officer, I resolved conflicts and critical situations with our neighbors.

Virginia Beach Election November 2018

Voters citywide choose two candidates, who can live anywhere in the city, regardless of district. An incumbent is noted.



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