Ksi vs logan paul fight results

We analyzed who will win the KSI vs. Logan Paul fight and the answer is clear

ksi vs logan paul fight results

KSI vs Logan Paul was a white-collar amateur boxing match between two YouTubers, KSI (real . With the result being a draw, KSI retained the YouTube championship belt. The belt is of red colour with gold motifs. Its design features an eagle.


The event finally hit our screens last night, and it was definitely a shocking game that none of us were expecting. The event took place at Manchester Arena in the UK, with over 21, people holding physical tickets to the event. Wow, those are some big figures, especially for an event that is solely based on social media stars alone. There were also pirated streams available on Twitch, which attracted the majority of viewers. Both fighters were introduced by a short video, that had been shot ever so perfectly, that it could have been a cinematic experience.

Aug 26, The YouTube sensations and two pairs of brothers stepped into the ring after months of verbal jabbing.
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The first bout between the YouTube stars ended in a draw Prior to the Manchester Arena bout in August, both the YouTube stars had already penned an agreement for a two-fight deal, although the location for the second was up for discussion, and widely expected to be in the US. We have to sort out distribution, that takes time. Good luck with that. I have ignored everything. November is the ideal date for both of us to train and concentrate on our careers, I want to release more music. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here.

KSI vs Logan Paul

The controversial social media rivals could not be separated after six rounds at the Manchester Arena, where over 15, fans were in attendance, as one ringside judge scored KSI a point ahead with the other two scoring it even, resulting in a majority draw. American Paul, 23, started the stronger but KSI whose real name is Olajide William Olatunji battled back in a highly charged bout that saw both fighters exchange taunts and insults throughout. The rematch is expected to take place in the U.

KSI vs Logan Paul RESULTS: Full fight results and undercard winners from YouTube clash

Youtube stars set to fight again after their first match was deemed a 'majority draw'. KSI and Logan Paul's first fight ended in a majority draw To have a rematch of course! After their six round slugfest, the two YouTubers decided they'd 'give the fans what they want' in order to finally decide for once and for all who is No. KSI has already stoked the fire when it comes to their rivalry by asking Logan's then-girlfriend Chloe Bennet whether she'd like ringside tickets to the rematch. If you want ringside tickets to the rematch, I got you chloebennet.

In addition to these two main fights, six more took place. However, this poll was deemed irrelevant following Logan officially accepting the challenge. After conflict and disagreements between the two management teams, the fight was officially announced on 18 March On 16 June , the official press conference for the fights took place in the US. A lot of fans attended the event, particularly young children. In the beginning, Jake and ComedyShortsGamer were alone on stage, taking "shots" at each other. As the four were calling each other out, KSI took a wig and mocked Logan's hair.

The pair are the talk of the internet, the combat-sports industry, and the wider entertainment circuit all because they want to settle an online grudge for our apparent pleasure. In one corner we have KSI, aka JJ, the year-old Londoner renowned for vlogging and rapping and controversially known for "trivialising rape" ; his YouTube channel has over 19 million subscribers. In the other corner we have Logan Paul, the year-old internet celebrity who achieved global notoriety earlier this year when he uploaded a vlog to his YouTube channel Then it turned weird when KSI mercilessly trash-talked Paul's girlfriend and family, perhaps going too far. Now it's a grudge match of sorts. Their fight, a low-level white-collar boxing show, could be one of the most watched combat sports events of the year and, naturally, people in the fight game are unhappy.


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