Bas rutten body action system

UFC partners with Bas Rutten to launch body action system

bas rutten body action system

Train like Bas Rutten with the Body Action System for total-body Mixed Martial Arts Training! Get a way better workout at home, in much less time!.

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You're not stupid! Read our in-depth reviews before purchasing that product you saw on TV! Reviewed on Mar 25, 0 comments. The Body Action System may not be for everyone, but if you enjoy a high energy workout without a lot of fancy equipment or bells and whistles, you should certainly check out the system. I knew I could get a stand that would absorb my kicks and punches for my home, but they were so incredibly expensive. You get a DVD of instructions, plus a padded stand for your kicks and punches.

For those who are actually attempting to practice combos for training against MMA opponents, this system may be the best invention you've ever seen, or of a limited benefit - depending on your needs. In the end, we found it to be a fun workout above everything else. This appears to be a next-gen punching bag with interactive focus pads. It is set up to mimic a live opponent with head, arms, and lower body sections. Some of our testers felt that certain combos such as those including low kicks felt a bit awkward, and their stances were altered to try to accommodate these kinds of moves. The general consensus, however, was that this machine is excellent for practicing certain punches and kicks, and provides a nice workout, but some real-world MMA combos may not be as easily performed. While some kicks may have felt awkwards, our testers also stated that other moves, such as uppercuts, were superior on the BAS over competing products.

Body Action System X2 Model

BAS Body Action System review

Body Action System

My Body Action System is perfect for everybody. Great workout, more muscle activation, FUN Training with Bas definitely took me to the next level. Takes 12 people to work out like that. Easy and fun to get started for anyone. Basic moves explained clearly in the instructional DVD.

MMA training require a lot of practice! If you are specifically looking forward for the best free standing punching bag, than you are in right place. You would need a good sparring partner. So, you would need a good freestanding punching bag that will work as a great substitute. Yes, there is.


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