Happy independence day dominican republic

27 Feb? Itís Dominican Independence Day!

happy independence day dominican republic

Independence Day Parade in Santo Domingo

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Today, February 27, , was the date on which the Dominican Republic was born as an independent nation. From that moment on, the Dominican Republic could be called as such. The Dominican Republic is a country full of historical and cultural nuances and curiosities. The Pico Duarte, located in the central mountainous region of the Dominican Republic, is the highest mountain in the Caribbean and has more than 10, feet! Enriquillo Lake is the lowest point in the Caribbean at feet below sea level.

Happy Independence Day! The 27 th of February is a day of festivity, freedom and dancing. How about a short history lesson before we head off to the party? As two-in-one-island, the Dominican Republic and Haiti used to be united under the Haitian government as Hispaniola for a period of 22 years. Haiti had more economical and military power than the former Spanish colony, and so happened to overthrow the island.

This post is also available in: Spanish. See below for the full history of Dominican oppression and independence! Its pretty common to see hundreds of Dominican flags which are nicely displayed by many Dominican families on their balconies. This has become a tradition and a way of showing respect to the Trinitarians. Although it has nothing to do with the Dominican Independence celebrations ó and it is why many tourists and suprisingly Dominicans tend to get confused ó there is a

The Dominican Republic's Carnival is celebrated every year during the entire month of February, culminating with the largest celebration on Independence Day.
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Today, February 27th , the Dominican Republic celebrates its independence from Haiti. A few months later that same year, the Dominican constitution was adopted and modeled after the constitution of the United States. Even though decades filled with tyranny, dictatorships, and economic difficulties followed, it was a proud moment, a moment when Dominicans were free. The current state of the Dominican Republic is still filled with economic trials, political nastiness, and extreme poverty. My home island is still a developing nation, one that struggles on a daily basis with not having enough to eat; a country where children in the rural areas need to bring their own chairs to school; a country with leaders that only care for their own allowances and not those who need it the most. And still, we have hope. Dominicans are a hopeful bunch that do not give up ó never, ever, ever.

Login Register. The festivities in the Dominican Republic can be traced back to the s, in the ruins of a town called La Vega, even before it was celebrated in the capital city of Santo Domingo. Carnival began almost three centuries before Dominican independence in Before gaining their independence the Dominican Republic experienced an unstable history of occupation by Spain, France, and Haiti. Christopher Columbus arrived on the island of Hispaniola, known today as the Dominican Republic and Haiti, during his first trip to America in


Happy Independence Day Dominican Republic!




Postcard of the Week: Happy Independence Day, beautiful Dominican Republic and Dominicans!



Happy National Independence Day to the Dominican Republic!



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