Master of arts in global entertainment and music business

Master of Arts in Global Entertainment and Music Business

master of arts in global entertainment and music business

Master of Arts in Music Business - Program Overview - Berklee Online - Graduate Degree

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You've reached your limit of 10 Favourites. As a global entertainment and music business student, you will focus on the skills, concepts, and methodologies central to global business models and apply these models to the artistic management and entrepreneurial challenges of music and digital media in the contemporary international entertainment industry. You will strengthen your analytical and leadership skills, as well as your written, oral, and musical communication skills. As you advance your professional skills and knowledge, you will grow and excel as leaders of the global music industry. Synthesize key financial indicators for business practice as well as individual professional development. Apply effective marketing and promotion strategies for music and entertainment businesses worldwide. Assess and create income and cash flow statements from corporations and balance sheet reports, based on collection and record of financial transactions.

Master of. Our master's degree in music business focuses specifically on music business and is run by experts with many years of industry experience. This course will equip you with the confidence to exercise leadership in the international music business. Upon graduation, you will be highly capable of managing complex music business issues during a period of rapid change in the economic, musical, cultural, social, legal and technological aspects of the music industry. You will be able to assume a professional leadership role that encompasses creative, entrepreneurial and management functions in small-to-large music business organisation in a global context, informed by a comprehensive understanding of national and international best practice.

Music management degrees usually consist of a Bachelor of Arts or Science in Music Business or Music Industry Management or a Bachelor of Arts in Music with emphasis on music, business, public administration and management. An advantage of this kind of degree, according to MyFootPath. Degrees in music management lead to many career options, which include symphony fiscal manager, sound recording producer, music agent, concert promoter, music company financial manager, events manager, booking agent, manager and scout.
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The students at the nation's top music business schools are just waiting to take their best shot. As the challenges facing artists and executives grow in complexity, an increasing number of educational institutions are preparing the next generation of industry leaders. In many cases, the schools are doing so with the financial support of a previous generation of music power brokers. Dre" Young. Students at Curb College seeking industry internships don't have to look far. Yet students also can study in New York or Los Angeles, go on tour with professor-musician Mark Volman of The Turtles or devote a summer term to the Pipeline Program, a deep dive into industry issues. The course description for one overview session says that the class is designed to help students "envision roles in which you could see yourself thriving well into the future.

Berklee College of Music

The variety of audio engineering and music production programs have dramatically increased over the past 10 years. In many cases, being a great instrumentalist can only take you so far.

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