Dark line on thumb nail


dark line on thumb nail

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Livingood Award and Lectureship Marion B. Amazing facts about your skin, hair, and nails How do animals protect their skin Skin dictionary Camp Discovery Good Skin Knowledge lesson plans and activities Parent resources Video library Find a dermatologist Why see a board-certified dermatologist? Ask a Dermatologist. Home Media News releases. When that same nail started to show signs of infection, however, she decided to seek medical attention, and she was shocked to be diagnosed with nail melanoma.

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A narrow black line that has formed vertically underneath your nail is called a splinter hemorrhage. It occurs for a variety of reasons and may be harmless or a sign of a more serious health condition. This condition is called a splinter hemorrhage because it may look like a wood splinter under your nail. The condition is caused by damaged small blood vessels underneath your nail. Characteristics include the following:. These are usually not harmful, but they may be a symptom of a cancer called subungual melanoma.

Melanonychia is characterised by brown to black discolouration of a finger or toenail. Longitudinal melanonychia describes a pigmented band and is due to melanin within the nail plate. However, a band of brown pigment in a single nail must be examined and investigated with caution, as melanonychia may be the presenting sign of melanoma of the nail unit. Melanonychia occurs more commonly in dark-skinned individuals Fitzpatrick skin type V and VI. Studies suggest that nearly all Afro-Caribbeans will develop black-brown pigmentation of the nails by the age of White-skinned people are less commonly affected. Melanonychia can present in individuals of all ages, including children, and affects both sexes equally.

A narrow black line that has formed vertically underneath your nails is called a splinter hemorrhage. Caused by damaged small blood vessels underneath your nail, the characteristics of the condition include:. One of the most is trauma , when something hurts your nail bed and bursts a blood vessel under your nail. Fungal infections due to poor hygiene or exposure to dirty surroundings also fall into this category. In terms of trauma, you can experience black lines after hitting hard surfaces or squishing your fingernails between a door. Some of the more severe conditions include melanoma.

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Dark line down my thumb nail

A dark mark on your nail might be more serious than you think. In a viral Facebook post, nail tech Jean Skinner explained that a walk-in client had requested a dark nail polish to cover a stripe on her nail , which ran from her cuticle to the edge of her nail. Skinner told the woman she should see her doctor immediately—and she did. A few weeks later, she called Skinner back to tell her that the vertical black stripe on her nail had been diagnosed as an aggressive melanoma , which had spread to her lymph nodes. It makes up less than 2. In fact, according to the study, the average delay of diagnosis for subungual melanoma patients was two and a half years.

Hi guys, I'm really desperate for some help if anyone can please. I've had a dark line down my left thumb nail for a while which I've to be honest ignored. I went to get my nails done for the first time a few weeks ago and she refused to do them until I had it checked. I rang and got an appointment at my doctors which to be honest wasn't a great deal of help as he basically said he had never seen anything like it and would like to refer me to see a dermatologist. I've waited another 2 weeks and heard nothing and when I've called my hospital today I've been told I'm looking at between 11 and 14 working weeks before I will get an appointment as it is being classed as routine. I'm beside myself with worry after reading about sublingual melanomas and have noticed some colour underneath my nail also which looks similar to a q freckle.





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