Mamamoo um oh ah yeh

Um Oh Ah Yeh Lyrics

mamamoo um oh ah yeh

? 6? 18? “Um Oh Ah Yeh” [EP] Pink Funky Mamamoo - Pinky Funky. Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein, Hwasa, Lyrics/??: ??, ??, ??, ???.

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I loved the concept and thought that they made awesome men. Moonbyul kinda looks like Xumin from Exo : such a cutie. Hwasa character was so funny such a thirsty boy for solar. But who wouldn't be. Overall this video was fun and light hearted and it definitely made me laugh. There was a appearance from Park Boram and it turns out that Solar fell for a women which was a twist. The song was amazing too and the chorus was simply too catchy.

Pink Funky is the third extended play by South Korean girl group Mamamoo. It was released by Rainbow Bridge World on June 19, and distributed by CJ E&M Music. It contains six songs, including the singles "Ahh Oop!" (a collaboration with Esna) and "Um Oh Ah Yeh".
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The less potato quality gifs that no one asked for. Also, it adds a comical sense to the plot of the video. I really liked the song, and I thought the music video was funny and playful, but this is just my opinion on the video, and I respect other opinions. Thanks for showing me this wonderful video. They are feisty and strong and quite satirical.

Pink Funky is the third extended play by South Korean girl group Mamamoo. It contains six songs, including the singles "Ahh Oop! The album was the group's most successful to date, debuting at number six on the Gaon Album Chart and selling more than 13, units. It was promoted on music shows for two weeks, starting with M! Countdown that same day.

Featured lyrics. Hot lyrics. Eum, oh, ah, yeh [Solar] Oh yes! Eum, oh, ah, yeh Neo-ege ppajyeodeulgesseo, jakku baneunghajanha [Wheein] Oh yes! Eum, oh, ah, yeh Geurae nan dagagagesseo, neon nae chwihyangjegyeok Ace [Solar] Nae apeul jinagasseo, nunbichi majuchyeosseo seutaili joha, neukkimi joha [Wheein] Dareulge eobneun oneul, neo ttaemune daraoreun Oneuri joha, eum oh ah yeh [Moonbyul] Cheot beonjjae Plan Gamtansa geu dongane chaja hemaen namja Eum oh ah yeh, sumanheun otcheoreom jal eoullineun neoya [Hwasa] Budeureopge ireon mal eotteon geot gata? Yes, ireon geon eotteon geot gata? Eum, oh, ah, yeh Geurae nan dagagagesseo, neon nae chwihyangjeogyeok Ace [Hwasa] Bonneungeul ttareugesseo, nal gamchuji ankesseo Oneureun dalla, meonjeo dagaga [Solar] Georeumeun dodohage, maltuneun aegyo itge Nal boneun nunbit, eum oh ah yeh [Hwasa] Help me Shigan jom dwenayo na jom dowajwoyo Geu jjok ttaemune nae ogami jemeotdaeroyeyo Geu jjogi yego eobshi nallineun miso-e Eum Kollinpeoseudo ulgo gal dangshinye maeneo-e Oh [Moonbyul] Yeojara haedo mideulmanhan pibu Ah yeah Neon jonjaejache gamtansa jeollo nane Eum oh ah yeh [Hwasa] nado moreuge [Moonbyul] Daraoreune [Hwasa] hollik [Solar] Oh yes!

Mamamoo Raise Some Eyebrows in "Um Oh Ah Yeh"

Letras Mania. Eum, oh, ah, yeh Neo-ege ppajyeodeulgesseo, jakku baneunghajanha [Wheein] Oh yes! -


Mamamoo (???) – Um Oh Ah Yeh (????)





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    Ever since their debut, many have been infatuated with Mamamoo. They've got killer vocals, killer songs, killer stage presence, killer dance.

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