Cry baby bridge anderson sc

Cry Baby Bridge

cry baby bridge anderson sc

Cry Baby Bridge Lives Up to the Legends

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I know you have heard this one. Well, here is the story about the real Crybaby Creek Bridge. Just a note. We call it Crybaby Creek Bridge here. She was tired and it was late at night, all she wanted was to get her little one home and to get some much needed rest. Her husband had been away fighting the good fight for his country and would be arriving home the next day. It had been a long three years since she had seen him and she was very excited about holding him in her arms again.

Indiana Paranormal Team. Where a baby died, yet still lives Now the spirit of the baby cries late at night in order to be noticed and saved. Even stranger, Anderson IN and Anderson SC are almost the same size and population, the same distance from the nearby towns of Pendleton, and the two Pendletons also are almost the same size and population. In an October 29th article in the Anderson SC Independent-Mail Jennifer Jones wrote: "Accoring to locals, if you drove to the site at midnight, stopped your car on the bridge, turned off the ignition and sat quietly in the car, you'd hear the mother in the woods calling for her child, followed by the sounds of a baby crying a few minutes later. As if that weren't enough, you'd try to start your car and it wouldn't start so you'd have to push your car off the bridge. Legend was that a woman drowned her child off of the bridge.

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Me and my bff her bf and my bf went last night and I seen the mother looking for her baby in the pic I took and also when I got back to the car we seen hand prints on the car window and when my friends walked across and cams back they legs was shaky and hardly could walk.
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A mother desperately searching for her child; a baby crying for his mother. Put these two together, and you have the legend of Crybaby Bridge, a supposedly haunted crossing over Broadway Lake in Anderson, South Carolina. Is this myth or truth? The bridge is only 4. Local teens go often, hoping to see the ghost but also dreading her appearance.

Cry Baby Bridge - Real Haunted Place

South Carolina is an interesting state that is jam-packed with a rich history. Amidst the salty marshes, rocky outcrops and subtropical coniferous forests there are tales of slavery, war and bloodshed which have given rise to many local ghost stories.

Camelback through truss bridge over Rocky River on Old High Shoals Road alignment. Crybaby Bridge. Anderson Anderson County, South Carolina (34).
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    There is a "Crybaby Bridge" on High Shoals Rd, just south of Anderson, South Carolina. The bridge in South Carolina was built.

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