Is 5 tint legal in texas

So just what exactly is LEGAL tint in the state of Texas?

is 5 tint legal in texas

if my Windows are tinted correctly according to the Texas law and I know there is a I know 5% is what's used on the back windows in limos.


By logging into your account, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy , and to the use of cookies as described therein. Forgot Password? Members List. Mark Forums Read. Vendor Directory. Thread Tools. I'm looking to have a vehicle tinted very soon, and i want it as dark as legally possible.

While the sun might shine bright in Texas, people are sometimes still in the dark when it comes to Texas window tint laws. It seems many motorists are still unclear as to what is legal and what is not legal in the great state of Texas. In this post we will discuss tint on doors and rear windows. It's an important issue, because Texas law specifically applies to the two front windows of all vehicles. Here we must discuss something called VLT, or visible light transmission. Car window tinting films are measured in visible light transmission levels, and these levels are represented as a percentage of the visible light transmitted through the windows. This measurement is captured by a tint meter.

Texas Window Tinting Laws

Texas Window Tint Laws & TX Tint Laws

It is one of the more popular car upgrades today. Modern car windows are treated using a special polyester material called window tint. Many car owners have window tint for protection from the sun, privacy, and other benefits. Even as a customization feature for improved looks and style. Many states have laws prohibiting the level of tint that allowed. It can also protect the people inside from the damage of UV rays. While window tint offers other benefits , one potential drawback is poor visibility for drivers if the tint is too dark.

Throughout our years in the tint industry the Texas Window Tint Laws have changed. - Window tinting can serve many purposes. For others, it looks cool and helps maintain more privacy.

20% on the side glass and as dark as you like (usually limo tint, 5%) on the rears. On a 4-door you can go 5% on the rear side glass and rear.
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    Don't get fined and read latest Texas car window tinting laws, rules, Windshield : 25% VLT tint is allowed above the manufacturer's AS-1 line or top 5 inches.

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    Sunscreening devices can be applied to the side windows to the right and left of the driver if the following conditions are met.

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