Sherwin williams trim paint color

The best white paint shade for trim and base molding

sherwin williams trim paint color

Choosing Interior Paint Colors: Choosing the trim paint and trim colors

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Today I wanted to share with you guys which colors I think are the 3 best white trim paint colors and explain why we only work with these colors. Back years ago, every contractor and designer was using Dover White for the main trim color. Even to this day, I still see home builders using Dover White on trim. Did I mention dirty?! It does absolutely nothing for trim and the color in no way enhances a space or a wall color. Quite the opposite! By the way, Dover White can be really pretty on a wall.

Did you know that both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams both have over shades of white? Pretty crazy, right? So, I wanted to help guide you through the process of selecting the best white for all of your molding and trim work. Please note that this article contains affiliate links. You can read my disclosure at the bottom of the page. And, remember that when you compare whites next to each other, you will notice subtle differences in the undertones. I will share the best and most popular whites from both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore, as well as the best finishes to use.

So how do you choose the right white paint color for the exterior of your house? There are so many whites to choose from, the decision can be overwhelming. If you do, your house will be blinding to look at in full sunlight. Going with an off white or a white that has some creaminess to it, is the way to go. Since the majority of the house will be white painted brick, everything will hinge on the shade of white that we choose! After poring over tons of pictures, here are my five favorite white exterior paint colors:.

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January 11, I also have some trim and doors to touch up, which got to thinking about one of the most common questions that I get asked what is the best shade of white paint for trim, baseboards and doors. This shade of white is lovely and bright and has the tiniest touch of a gray undertone that really is not at all discernible. This white works wonderfully with gray walls but will really work anywhere! This is decidedly warmer with a slight yellow undertone that makes it warmer creamier than your basic white. If you have a lot of northern exposure or want to counteract a lot of cool colors, this may be a good choice.

The Best White Paint Colors For Trim





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  1. Lot M. says:

    The Best White Paint Colors for Exteriors - Plank and Pillow

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    By painting trim a darker color, the eye is drawn from the walls to moldings, window trim and doors. The focus gradually narrows to the artwork, furniture and .

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    Wondering what the perfect shade of white is for your trim, Sherwin Williams Pure White Trim Paint is a great choice for trim paint as it has.

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    Sherwin Williams, best white paint colours, cabinets, trim, walls. Pure White is a fabulous trim/door/ceiling colour and can be used with warm.

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