Best 1b of all time

10 Greatest First Basemen to Ever Play the Game

best 1b of all time

All-Time #MLBRank: The 10 greatest first basemen. Welcome to All-Time #MLBRank, our ranking of the top players in baseball history. To create our list, an ESPN expert panel voted on thousands of head-to-head matchups of players, based on both peak performance and career.

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Nearly 80 years after he played his last game, no first baseman has come close to Lou Gehrig's greatness. He drove in more than a run per game five times, the last time when he was 34 years old. Louis Cardinals Pujols was even more consistent than Gehrig, but a notch below overall because of his descent back to the pack in his mids. From age 22 to age 29, Pujols had a WAR between 8. That's the foundation for his amazing run of success over his first ten years, when he won three MVPs and finished as runner-up four other times. Pujols actually outperformed Gehrig before the age of 30, leading in WAR, But in their 30s, Gehrig stepped on the gas, producing 46 WAR, while as of age 37, Albert only has

Mandatory Credit: Peter G. The Baseball Hall of Fame announced its latest class on Tuesday. Among those noticeably left out were slugging first basemen Mark McGwire, Rafael Palmeiro and Jeff Bagwell Palmeiro was not even on the ballot because he lacked enough votes in previous years. Also, Los Angeles Dodgers manager, and Yankee great, Don Mattingly failed to secure anywhere near the needed 75 percent of votes in his last year on the ballot. Fred McGriff missed out too, though he still has future eligibility but probably not a great chance to earn a bust in Cooperstown. But this list is essentially the first basemen Hall of Fame. And unlike the snooty baseball writers who leave all-time greats out of the Hall of Fame for performance-enhancement usage, only the play on the field will be used in compiling these rankings.

Do you want big names? Big numbers? Big personalities? To create our list, an ESPN expert panel voted on thousands of head-to-head matchups of players, based on both peak performance and career value. The top will roll out next week.

The greatest to ever play at the position turned offensive menace into an art form. We acknowledge the injustice. Number one on our list is a man who was as feared as Babe Ruth. Like many of his contemporaries, the slugging Detroit Tigers first baseman missed more than three years of his peak playing years serving in the U. Greenberg led the league in home runs four times including 58 in , RBI four times including in , and earned himself two MVP awards.

MLB's 10 Best First Basemen of All Time

Today, we look at the 10 best first basemen of the decade. In many ways, the first baseman has lost some cultural cache in the last decade., One of those seemingly forgotten Hall of Famers.

All-Time #MLBRank: The 10 greatest first basemen


The Top 100 First Basemen of All-Time




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