Music sheet pleasant park fortnite

Fortnite oversized Phone, big Piano, and giant Dancing Fish Trophy locations

music sheet pleasant park fortnite

Find The Sheet Music In Pleasant Park FORTNITE


Fortnite Season 7 is just one week away, so it's time to finish up all those challenges you've left behind. In a good, old-fashioned throwback to mandatory band and orchestra days, Fortnite Season 6's sixth week of challenges has you reading sheet music and performing some simple tunes on massive pianos. First, you'll need to find sheet music and then play it, which also requires finding those big pianos nearby. We've found them all in case you want a shortcut to musical stardom. This challenge has multiple stages, meaning different parts of it will unlock one after the other. To start off the challenge, you'll need to find a stand with sheet music in Pleasant Park.

Here's where to find the piano near Pleasant Park and how to play the sheet music there. We first saw pianos added to the game back in Season 6. But these aren't ordinary pianos, at least not in terms of their size. These are the kind of pianos you walk and jump and dance on to play. There's also a new dance-off challenge which you can see how to solve here. See all of Season 7, Week 2's challenges here. In any case, this week we're tasked with two piano playing challenges.

The Fortnite Week 2 Challenges are now all live in-game as part of the ongoing Season 7, and there are some challenges returning from the previous season.
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Solving the puzzle will grant you some extra XP for earning your many Season 9 rewards, as well as Battle Stars for progressing your Battle Pass. Note this particular challenge is no longer able to be completed. As part of the challenge you need to find all three oversized Phone, big Piano, and giant Dancing Fish Trophy locations - the order in which you discover them doesn't matter. Specifically these are just north-west of The Block the name of which changes according to the map currently in rotation and on a mountain in the frozen area's eastern edge. Specifically, it's just north of the dilapidated mansion south of Lonely Lodge, near the cliff edge. Need help on other Fortnite Challenges?

Here's Exactly Where and How to Play Sheet Music on Pianos in 'Fortnite'

Previously, players had to find the sheet music in a nearby location and then they could play the song, but that first step has since been eliminated.,


Where to find and play Fortnite's sheet music








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    Where to find the oversized Phone location, big Piano location, and giant Dancing Fish Trophy location in Fortnite.

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    In this Fortnite Sheet Music guide, we'll be walking you through how to play the sheet music on the pianos near Pleasant Park and Lonely.

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    Fortnite Sheet Music and Piano Locations

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