Blade runner 2049 baseline test

To gauge K's reaction time and emotional response

blade runner 2049 baseline test

The baseline Test constituted a part of police protocol in the Blade Runner section but was filmed and is reprinted in The Art and Soul of Blade Runner

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The baseline test was an examination designed to measure any emotional deviance by Nexus-9 replicants. To be "off baseline" would be considered a failure of such test. The baseline Test constituted a part of police protocol in the Blade Runner section of the force. Officer KD Unlike its predecessor, the Voight-Kampff Test , the baseline test was conducted by an unseen questioner who recited the examination through a machine opposite the subject under questioning. Throughout the exam which was rather short in comparison to the Voight-Kampff Test the questions, with the intonation and tempo in which they were asked, were rather impersonal. The length and content of the test was based on the replicant's response time, becoming longer if their response was slow in the first few lines and using more of the poem.

Sign in. Interviewer : Recite your baseline. A system of cells interlinked within cells interlinked within cells interlinked within one stem And dreadfully distinct against the dark, a tall white fountain played. Interviewer : Cells.

It lasts little more than a minute, but it's arguably one of Blade Runner 's most arresting and unsettling scenes. Los Angeles replicant hunter K Ryan Gosling seated in a white, cramped room, undergoing some form of futuristic interrogation. We don't see the person barking questions at K - we only hear his voice, as K answers impassively, each response interspersed with a seemingly meaningless string of words. Do they keep you in a cell? When you're not performing your duties, do they keep you in a little box? What's it like to hold the hand of someone you love? Do you dream about being interlinked?

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. The baseline test is self-explanatory; K has set a baseline response to this particular set of questions, the tester checks them and makes sure that he is aligned to it. We have two examples of K taking his baseline, both with varying and telling signs. From them we can gather that the purpose is two-fold:. In the first test, K responds to his cues almost perfectly. There's only a single mention of a moment's hesitation, but he seems to pass the test with what seems to be flying colours:.

Baseline test

Fans will also be hungry for Easter Eggs and subtle homages to the original - and cerebral as the rest of the movie may be, it doesn't disappoint in terms of tributes and allusions. But director Denis Villeneuve still found a way to work in some truly profound references and hints at the larger themes. The audience may not seek out the novels or plays being referred to, but they're still worth spotting on repeat viewings.

Blade Runner 2049: How a Key Scene Differed From the Script



Bladerunner 2049, Baseline Test. The Dick/Nabokov interlink



The baseline test is self-explanatory; K has set a baseline response to this - Final Shooting Script (undated), Blade Runner ().
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