Which factor influences both solubility and the rate of dissolution

What factor(s) affect both the solubility and rate of dissolution of a solid?

which factor influences both solubility and the rate of dissolution

Solubility. The amount of a solute that will dissolve in a given volume of a solvent at a given Which factor influences both solubility and the rate of dissolution?.

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Many people enjoy a cold glass of ice tea on a hot summer day. Some like it unsweetened, while others like to put sugar in it. How fast the sugar dissolved depends on several factors: how much sugar was put in the tea and how cold it is. You usually have to stir the tea for a while to get all the sugar dissolved. We know that the dissolving of a solid by water depends upon the collisions that occur between the solvent molecules and the particles in the solid crystal. Imagine that you were trying to dissolve some sugar in a glassful of tea. A packet of granulated sugar would dissolve faster than a cube of sugar.

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You know the old story For organic solutes, ethanol is the first solvent generally tested And this is what is performed in a recrystallization experiment, in which a solute is taken up in a minimum of HOT solvent, the solution quickly filtered, and the filtrate allowed to stand undisturbed while the crystals deposit at lower temperature as the solution cools.

16.2: Rate of Dissolving



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    Rate of Dissolving

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    I believe the correct answer from the choices listed above is the second option. The factor that influences both solubility and the rate of.

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    Ukrain; Virtuoso. The temperature influences the solubility and the rate of dissolution. 1 vote. 1 vote. Rate! Rate! Thanks 2. Comments (2).

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