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star is born soundtrack review

Oct 9, At its peaks, the album delivers on the promise of its star-wattage with some of the most affecting and emotionally overwhelming pop songs of the year. A Star Is Born has no right to be as good as it is. But alongside powerful turns from Cooper and Sam Elliott, Gaga shines.

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Please refresh the page and retry. O n its own terms, A Star Is Born makes for a very peculiar album, mixing grunge, Americana, country, soft-rock Seventies power ballads and slick modern digital RnB performed by a 21st-century pop powerhouse and a middle-aged actor singing in public for the first time. If it was a Spotify playlist, you might suspect algorithms had gone awry. Well, the answer to that is plain. As a souvenir of a powerful, funny, romantic and tragic movie melodrama , there is every chance that A Star Is Born will dominate charts around the world. Musical soundtracks can be very big business indeed.

However, what really makes this film a year-round standout is the music. An array of stunningly crafted and effortlessly written tracks make up this hour-long musical experience, tracing the heartwarming—and heartbreaking—journey of Jackson Maine and Ally, just as well as the movie does. The retrospective nature of this song reminds listeners of the inner-battle addicts suffer. Finally, the bubbling pressure explodes in an orgasmic release before a rolling drum kit satiates the thumping crowd. The slide guitar is incorporated effortlessly, and by now it becomes a motif for Jackson himself.

Yes, he can sing, but only to the extent one would expect from a character with a seemingly meme-generated country-singer name like Jackson Maine. Fortunately, a real-life rock star shows up in earnest about a third of the way through the soundtrack to steer things in a more assured direction. Ultimately, the musical journey that Gaga takes as Ally is much more interesting than the predictable place she ends up. Further muddling matters are the superfluous snippets of dialogue from A Star Is Born that are interspersed throughout the soundtrack. But Antonoff has proven capable of pushing other female artists into the darkest corners of their respective pop worlds, and he allows Del Rey to explore her most indulgent inclinations here.

Oct 5, One point of A Star Is Born is that everything about Ally's life grows to match her talent. The progression of songs in the film show that: when she.
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Haven't signed up for an account? Create one. Email Address. Remember Me Forgot password? The album, of course, would be a great soundtrack to A Star Is Born.

I, like everyone else with internet access, watched the trailer for A Star Is Born dozens of times when it was released in June. For months, that two minute and 24 second tease was shared and meme'd and replayed—the drama and those hooks delivering all the feels. Then, last week, the full version of the Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga song "Shallow" was released, which turned out to be not as much a song, but the two hooks from the trailer stitched into one song. It was still goddamn transcendent. But, the evening the full song was released, I played it on Spotify without the video, and had more of a "meh" response.

Review: Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Shine Bright on the ‘A Star Is Born’ Soundtrack

A Star Is Born Soundtrack Review

A Star is Born Soundtrack

At its peaks, the album delivers on the promise of its star-wattage with some of the most affecting and emotionally overwhelming pop songs of the year. A Star Is Born has no right to be as good as it is. Directed by Bradley Cooper, the third remake of David O. The immersive and romantic narrative of singer-songwriter Ally Gaga and her relationship with veteran rocker Jackson Maine Cooper as the latter watches the former rocket to pop stardom is imbued with the sort of rockism that typically triggers derision in the current cultural climate. But alongside powerful turns from Cooper and Sam Elliott, Gaga shines brightest with an empathetic performance that presents a summation-in-reverse of the last several years of her career.

Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper: A Star Is Born soundtrack, review: an enjoyable but very peculiar album

If you haven't seen A Star is Born , it's best you avoid the soundtrack for now — the album follows every narrative beat of the film, especially as snippets of dialogue spell out where they sit plot-wise. There's a version available without the dialogue, but even then, the polarity between the first and second halves of the record essentially reveals the journey of the film. In the film, Bradley Cooper plays Jackson Maine, an ageing rocker, while Lady Gaga is Ally, a young singer who starts her career with Jackson's help and swiftly becomes a fully-fledged pop star. She doesn't become Lady Gaga in the world of the film, as others have tried to argue to detract from Gaga's acting muscle, but she certainly becomes an artist with the same pipes and charisma as the Lady Gaga we know. It's for that reason that the latter half of the soundtrack is its best. Cooper's vocals are strong, particularly on Shallow , the showstopping pinnacle that ignites the film's trailer. But he can't keep up as Gaga runs away with that tune, nor can he keep pace as she eventually steals the entire soundtrack.

A Star Is Born is the soundtrack album to the musical film of the same name , performed by its stars Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. It was released on October 5, , by Interscope Records. For the more pop -oriented songs on the soundtrack, Gaga teamed up with recurring collaborator DJ White Shadow. Commercially, it has topped the charts in more than 15 countries, attaining gold and platinum certifications from many of them, while selling over six million copies worldwide. In March , Warner Bros.



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