Sean mcvay postgame press conference

McVay: "This is very, very humbling for me."

sean mcvay postgame press conference

Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay full postgame press conference

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When is it perfectly justifiable to admit defeat to everyone around you? After a stunning Super Bowl defeat yesterday, the coach of the L. Rams, Sean McVay, was quick to point out the source of the problems on the field. And, it was pretty obvious. Watching the game, you could tell the New England Patriots had a game plan to counter the run-and-gun offense of the Rams.

Much of the focus after the Rams' overtime victory Sunday centered on a missed pass interference call on Nickell Robey-Coleman late in the fourth quarter. Rather than highlighting the mistake during his postgame press conference , McVay praised the officiating crew for allowing the players some level of physicality on the field:. The one thing I respect about the refs today is they let the guys compete and they let the guys play. I thought Nickell-Robey made a nice play, they snapped it on a quick snap and had a little wheel route coming out of the backfield. I thought it was a competitive-type play, I thought they let the guys compete within the framework of the rules and that's part of what NFL football is about. Certainly I'm not going to complain about the way that was officiated. McVay's comments contrasted significantly with those of Saints head coach Sean Payton.

At 33 years old, McVay should have a long run ahead of him to prove he can find a way to get past this loss and learn from what went wrong to do a better job of coaching in a big game. Wade called a great game, but McVay played way too conservative. Go Rams! No kidding. Goff looked like a deer in headlights after the helmet communication went off every play because he had no clue what Belichick was going to bring next to him. Doug Pederson proved the best way to beat Belichick is to be very aggressive……….. I did not see McVay take one chance……….

While the game had plenty of back-and-forth action, the game was not without its share of controversy. With left in regulation with the Saints driving on LA's yard-line, Drew Brees spotted Tommylee Lewis on a short pass towards the right sideline. Lewis never got a chance to catch the ball as he was heavily guarded by Rams defensive back Nickell Robey -Coleman. Many fans and players alike thought the play would've been grounds for a pass interference call, but no flag came. Saints coach Sean Payton spoke out against the call after the game, saying an NFL official told him in a phone call after the game that it was a "blown call. Sean McVay was asked about the same play in his post-game press conference, and was singing a much different tune.

VIDEO: Sean McVay Admits He Was Out-Coached in Super Bowl Postgame Press Conference

Sean McVay on the SB Loss "I Was Outcoached" - Super Bowl LIII Press Conference


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