Ted cruz eating a booger

Ted Cruz Booger GIFs

ted cruz eating a booger

Ted Cruz eating a booger.


Don't have an account yet? Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. That's pretty much how the Fox News debate in Detroit went last night, despite some good-faith efforts from the moderators. We don't negotiate. What's unclear at this point is what role Ted Cruz will play in what appears to be the Republican Party's death spiral or, if you're somehow still an optimist about this stuff, the building of whatever conservative political movement rises up to either reclaim or supplant the GOP. With the party scrambling to figure out what, if any options are still on the table to scuttle a Trump nominee for president, the two guys waiting in the wings are still Cruz and Marco Rubio.

The Internet noticed something very small and subtle in Thursday night's GOP debate. It looked like it fell out of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz's nose.
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Cruz was delivering a few impassioned lines about rival Donald Trump when a small object -- a crumb, really -- dropped from his upper lip to his bottom lip. Then, the crumb disappeared altogether, presumably entering Cruz's digestive system. Was it a booger? A crumb of apple pie? Was it something else entirely?

Ted Cruz made headlines during the GOP presidential debate last night - but not in the way he would have wanted. Until now, Ted Cruz has struggled to snatch the limelight from his Republican presidential rival Donald Trump. But that all changed last night, when he set the internet ablaze by appearing to eat a ball of SNOT live on air. Transfixed, viewers apparently forgot about the issues at hand, instead focusing on the eye-catching spec travelling around Cruz's mouth. Launching into another verbal attack on Trump, he said: "You're angry, you're angry at Washington - he uses angry rhetoric. He then looked directly into the camera and, with millions of viewers' eyes on his bottom lip, swallowed the object.

It looked like it fell out of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz's nose, and it definitely went into his mouth. By late Thursday night, thousands of tweets called it a booger, and YouTube was flooded with video clips zoomed in on the mysterious facial anomaly, trying without avail to verify its identity. Alas, even the tightest videos can prove only that the mysterious object existed, and that it entered the senator's mouth during a rhetorical pause. It could have been a crumb or a floating ball of lint. Or it could be an aberration in the video feed. What was that???

'Boogergate': Did Ted Cruz really eat SNOT live on air during GOP presidential debate?







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  1. Susane O. says:

    During the GOP Democratic debate on March 3rd , presidential candidate Ted Cruz had appeared to have an unidentifiable crumb or food particle attached to his upper lip while responding to a question regarding Donald Trump.

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