Effects of fleas on humans

Cat Fleas on Humans

effects of fleas on humans

Can a Human Get Fleas? Does Adley have 9,000 flea bites?

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Generally speaking, the greatest discomfort resulting from the presence of fleas , is their bite and the intense itching that this causes. In most cases, the itchiness and red bite marks slowly disappear without any long term effects to your health. However, because fleas are recognized disease and parasite vectors and can cause allergic reactions in more sensitive people or pets, it is important to know about the different possible diseases they can transmit. If you think your home or property has a problem with fleas, contact your local Ehrlich Pest Control office today. In the U. However, due to increased international travel and expected rising temperatures, diseases spread by flea species can now potentially affect more U. The most well-known flea transmitted disease is the Bubonic plague.

Cat and dog fleas infested humans when pets sleep or rest on the same bed. Cat and dog fleas also will infest certain types of wild carnivores.
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Once they attach to the skin, they are inseparable and will start reproducing, inevitably causing a flea infestation in your home. Any pet owner knows that fleas are the enemy, and knowing the enemy is the best way to control and prevent them. Fleas are wingless insects that get to their hosts by jumping they can jump approximately feet. There are over 2, species of fleas, and in the U. A female flea can consume 15 times its body weight in blood on a daily basis, laying eggs within 35 to 48 hours after its first meal.

Mosquitoes require water to breed. Mosquito larvae can develop quickly in bird baths, roof gutters, old tires and anything else that will hold water. Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide you exhale, body odor, temperature, and even movement from up to 25 feet away. Flea bites on humans are less common because most flea species prefer pets as their hosts. However, flea bites on people do occur. Sometimes a flea bites humans without turning them into hosts.

Fleas are tiny bugs. Their thin, flat bodies and hard shells mean you often need to squeeze them between fingernails or two hard surfaces to kill them. Even then, where there is one, many often follow. Fleas reproduce quickly, especially if you have pets in the house. Fleabites have several common symptoms. They are very itchy, and the skin around each bite may become sore or painful.

Flea diseases

Fleas From Pets and How The Affect Human Health - What To Do About Them

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Give us a call: If cat fleas are removed from their animal host, or if that host proves an insufficient food source, cat fleas often will bite humans on the lower legs, leaving round, red spots. Today, most cat flea bites result in minor itchiness and discomfort on humans. After receiving a flea bite , if possible refrain from scratching the affected area. Ice packs lessen swelling caused by a cat flea bite. To reduce risk of infection, wash the cat flea bites with antiseptic soap. Some individuals may experience allergic reactions when bitten by a cat flea.



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    They are very itchy, and the skin around each bite may become sore or painful. Scratching a lot can further damage the skin and potentially cause a bacterial infection in the area of the bite. Monitor your bites for signs of an infection, including white-topped blisters or a rash.

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