Rest easy bed bug spray

Green Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray, Gallon Refill, 128 oz (Pack of 4)

rest easy bed bug spray

How to Fight Bed Bugs

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Bedbugs combine all of the bloodsucking annoyance of mosquitoes with the survival instinct of cockroaches. No bigger than apple seeds, the adult bugs hide in ingenious places inside electrical outlets, behind baseboards, deep in carpet fibers during the day and attack their victims during the night. You may never know that you have a bedbug problem until bites start showing up on your skin. Do-it-yourself exterminators can choose from many different sprays that claim to kill the bugs and prevent infestations. Some products, like Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray, are sold as all-natural alternatives to traditional pesticides. Rest Easy, manufactured by the RMB Group, contains essential oils from cinnamon and lemon grass, among other ingredients. If you want a little more punch in your spray, you might consider buying a product that contains an EPA-registered pesticide.

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How do I apply Rest Easy? Shake very well before use. Hold the Rest Easy container 12 - 18 inches from area being treated. Spray evenly and do not saturate. This product does contain essential oils and while staining is unlikely, it is recommended to test for possible staining on a small inconspicuous area on surfaces to be sprayed.

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The best, and cheapest, way to manage your bed bug risk is to do an immediate room check. Once you get into your hotel room or rental, put your luggage in the bathroom or on an elevated hard rack. Break out a small flashlight or use the one on your phone, then pull back the sheets and look for any tiny dark spots that could be droppings or bloodstains. Untuck the corners of the sheets from under the mattress and lift up the mattress cover while mentally apologizing to the hotel staff. You'll want to look around the edges of the mattress, particularly within the seams, for tiny dark spots that will look a bit like mold or blood, eggs which look like grains of rice, roughly the size of a pinhead , the pale yellow remnants of shed exoskeletons, or actual bugs. Fully grown adults will be roughly the size of an apple seed.

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    Use the wand to continuously spray along baseboards, the edge of mattresses, and along the top of curtains.

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