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5 1 profile human design

Join Ra as he examines the 5/1 heretic-investigator, the first of the left angle Profiles: 5/1, 5/2, 6/2 and 6/3. . Profile is a basic component of Human Design.

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While preparing for this article I experienced a very important lesson about the profiles when it comes to the not-self strategy. I witnessed myself as the fears of my openness created strategies to cope with what I am not, instead of allowing what I am. It was cutting off my circulation and this restriction felt really uncomfortable. Does it feel good on your physical body? Are you glowing or restricted?

Okay, some of you profiles out there kind of like the title Heretic and some of you shiver at the idea of being burned at the stake. But no matter what your position on that title, the bottom line for you is that in this life time the lead aspects of your personality are projected, The 5th line is a projection that is magnetic, alluring, repelling and it is not real. The basis of the projection is your design energies, be they shock, opinions, correction, joy to life, etc. But the projection is not you actively expressing your energies so they are up to interpretation of the receiver. Since this is perception is almost all non verbal it is likely to be inaccurate or incomplete. Because of this dance of perception, it can become heavy and you are driven to escape the spotlight and be alone.

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    The Human Design System. 5/1 Profile. You are encoded with a certain " geometry", a certain pattern, which represents your inherent structure / pattern.

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    Okay, some of you profiles out there kind of like the title Heretic and some of you shiver at the idea of being burned at the stake. But no.

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