Elecciones en el salvador 2019

Convocatoria elecciones internas 2019

elecciones en el salvador 2019

Presidential elections were held in El Salvador on 3 February , with voters electing a . "Asi avanza el conteo de votos en las elecciones presidenciales de El Salvador". iammrfoster.com 3 February Retrieved 4 February

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All four candidates had promised to end corruption, stamp out gang violence and create more jobs, with crushing crime at the top of the agenda. About 67, Salvadorans belong to gangs that terrorise their communities with extortion, murder and other forms of violence. The candidates proposed creating economic opportunities and restoring social values to dissuade Salvadorans from engaging in criminal behaviour. Bukele, 37, made his political debut in as a small-town mayor with the now-ruling FMLN and won election in the capital three years later, automatically making him a potential presidential contender. The FMLN and the conservative Alliance, known as Arena, have dominated Salvadoran politics since a peace deal which ended a brutal civil war. But both parties have been stained by corruption scandals and neither has been able to stem gang violence.

Former mayor of San Salvador beats candidates of the two traditional parties that dominated politics for decades. San Salvador, El Salvador - Nayib Bukele has declared victory in El Salvador's presidential elections after preliminary results showed him defeating the candidates of the two traditional parties that have long dominated the country's polarised politics. Bukele also faces an investigation for possible tax evasion. For his part, Calleja, a United States -educated business executive whose family owns El Salvador's largest supermarket chain, campaigned on a platform of employment creation. A newcomer to politics, Calleja pledged to generate , jobs and run a government that interacted closely with the people. The question is whether they will fulfill their promises. Last year, the country's murder rate dropped to 50 per , people, the lowest rate since a truce between rival gangs - covertly facilitated by the government - broke down in

Presidential elections were held in El Salvador on 3 February , with voters electing a President and Vice President for a five-year term. Grand Alliance for National Unity. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
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