Nicki minaj net worth 2019

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nicki minaj net worth 2019

Nick Minaj is a rapper, singer, and songwriter from Trinidad & Tobago. With Nicki Minajs net worth being estimated at $85 million, she has made quite a name for herself, and become one of the most influential female artists in hip-hop. As a small child, Minaj and lived with her.

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The talent and determination she showed along the years brought her a lot of success and now her name stands out as one of the most prominent in the music industry, alongside many other renowned artists. During her childhood she endured some tough times due to a difficult family life. Her father was a violent and abusive individual who struggled with alcohol and drug addiction and ended up setting their house on fire in an attempt to kill her mother. She attended the prestigious LaGuardia High School to pursue her main dream of acting, but that path led nowhere for her. In the end she settled to making music as a backup singer for local New York rappers and uploading songs on her Myspace page. Minaj released two mixtapes on Dirty Money Records before being discovered by the famed rapper Lil Wayne and switching over to his label, Young Money Entertainment.

Nicki Minaj has had a successful rap career. January 31, Nicki Here's what we know about Nicki Minaj's net worth and how she spends her money.
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Although she was born in Trinidad, she spent most of her childhood in New York. As a small child, Minaj and lived with her grandmother in Trinidad. He ended up burning down their house. However, she was struggling with her acting career, and worked as a waitress at Red Lobster in the Bronx, from which she was fired. Nicki Minaj first started making music in , where she signed with the group Full Force for 6 months.

She's the first female solo artist to have seven singles simultaneously on the Billboard chart. Kenneth Petty's popularity grew unwilling after his relationship was confirmed with Nicki Minaj. According to Nicki Minaj's posts on her Instagram account, the two are involved in a broken relationship. Nicki Minaj has shared a regarding their photo together, unofficial announcing that they are dating. In one among the Instagram photo shared, she captioned it, "Oh they wanna talk?

Nicki Minaj Net Worth

Minaj's mother moved her to Queens New York when she was five years old. Minaj is known for collaborating with other recording artists and providing guest rap appearances on many popular singles., She's made a lot of money from her music, which includes collaborations and features on tracks with other artists.

Nicki Minaj Net Worth is Reported $85 Million, Detail About Her Career and Income Source

She has also been listed in the top most influential people in the world and in the list of the highest paid women in music. Well here is the breakdown of Nicki Minaj net worth as of and her rise from rags to riches to the queen of rap and hip-hop she has turned to be. Minaj was born and embossed in Saint James, Trinidad, and Tobago, outside the US but later their parents relocated to New York when she was still young. Before her mother sent for her and her brother, Nicki was abiding with her grandmother in Saint James until she was five. Her father being a drug addict, they had to put up with him even after maltreating her mother and setting their house on fire while she was still young.

Nicki Minaj has had a successful rap career. Her albums Pink Friday , The Pinkprint , and Queen have made her a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Consequently, she has earned millions of dollars. How does she spend her money and what is she worth? The rapper gives away college scholarships to students in need. Earlier in , she announced on Twitter she would be starting a scholarship giveaway called Student of the Game. Minaj often receives requests for assistance with student loans, tuition, and other costs related to attendance.





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