Best places to bungee jump

6 Best Spots for Bungee Jumping in the US

best places to bungee jump

Bungee jumps: We count down the biggest scares, the loudest screams and 15 of the world's highest -- and most impressive -- jumping sites.

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By Kraig Becker. Bungee jumping is probably the easiest adventure sport in the entire world. After that, gravity does all of the work while your heart nearly beats out of your chest. Many of these locations offer spectacular views and amazing settings, not that you'll notice much while plummeting through the air. Chances are you'll have your eyes squeezed tightly shut throughout much of the experience. If you've made up your mind that you're ready to give bungee jumping a try, either in the U. While there are few deaths or injuries attributed to the sport each year, it can still be quite dangerous.

Test your courage and amp up your adrenaline while taking in gorgeous views at these great bungee jumping locations in the U.S. and abroad.
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At the time Hackett was running a struggling ski shop but inspired by British daredevils The Oxford University Dangerous Sports Club, Hackett had begun experimenting with the adrenaline activity. Together with his friend and fellow Kiwi Chris Sigglekow, he had started doing tests with latex rubber, climbing equipment and parachute harnesses. There was no back-up, just two guys pushing their luck. It did work and, within a year, Hackett was on a French ski tour with teammate Henry van Asch, jumping bridges up to m high in his spare time. In Hackett made headlines around the world, getting arrested for jumping off the Eiffel Tower. Hackett and van Asch quickly realised there was money to be made and, as skiers, New Zealand snow hub Queenstown seemed an obvious starting point. On 12 November , the Kawarau Bridge bungy site Hackett prefers bungy to bungee opened for business.

Written by Ellie Ross 19 October Falling through the skies attached to only a cord is as big as adrenaline rushes get. And you needn't travel to the other side of the world to get your fix From France to Finland, here are 13 of the best bungee jumps closer to home. Niouc Bridge, Val d'Anniviers, Switzerland. Before jumping, try to quell your nerves enough to enjoy the surrounding views of the Navizence river and Alpine peaks. Height: m.

Are you an adventure junkie? When it comes to adventure sports, Bunjee jumping definitely gets full marks for being ultra popular. These 12 highest bungee jumping locations in the world will set your pulse racing. Introducing the highest bungee jumping location on earth. The jumpers take off from the highest bridge in world and free fall over feet. This is presently the highest bunjee jumps open to public.

Top 10 bungee jumps in the world

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    Since bungee jumping pioneer AJ Hackett opened the first commercial jump in New Zealand 30 years ago, adventure companies around the.

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