Joaquim maria machado de assis

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joaquim maria machado de assis

Biografia: Machado de Assis

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Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis , born June 21, , Rio de Janeiro , Brazil—died September 29, , Rio de Janeiro , Brazilian poet, novelist, and short-story writer, a classic master of Brazilian literature , whose art is rooted in the traditions of European culture and transcends the influence of Brazilian literary schools. Soon he was publishing stories, poems, and novels in the Romantic tradition. By Machado was a typically successful Brazilian man of letters, comfortably provided for by a government position and happily married to a cultured woman, Carolina Augusta Xavier de Novais. In that year illness forced him to withdraw from his active career. He emerged from this temporary retreat with a new novel in a strikingly original style that marked a clear break with the literary conventions of the day. Urbane, aristocratic, cosmopolitan , aloof, and cynical , Machado used an indirect style in his fiction that could confound later scholars and critics attempting to determine his level of social engagement.

This is a second in my weekly series on important Brazilian individuals throughout history. The first entry is here. He is the standard to which all other Brazilian authors are compared in one way or another, and his cultural influence in Brazil has only grown since his death years ago this September. Born to a mulatto descendant of slaves and a Portuguese woman in in Rio de Janeiro, Machado de Assis had humble origins. Little is known about his early years besides a few skeletal facts; he lost both his mother and sister at a young age a fact which may have influenced the pessimistic tone of his later works. Many believe he was self-educated, even in his mastery of both French and English.

Machado’s reputation of being among the greatest of Brazilian writers rests on this work, his short stories, and two later novels—Quincas borba (; Philosopher or Dog?, ) and his masterpiece, Dom Casmurro (; Eng. Translations into English of his shorter fiction included.
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So the year-old, who lives in Bauru, was shocked to see a new image of Machado that has gone viral in the country. It shows him with chocolate-brown skin, considerably darker than how he appears in the black-and-white photograph that appears on virtually all of his books and hangs prominently in the Brazilian Academy of Letters. Among Brazilian writers, Machado, who lived from to , inhabits a unique position. His name has been lent to streets and subway stops across Brazil. The traditional historical photo of him shows a man whose skin is nearly as light as his crisp white dress shirt. Machado was known to be the descendant of freed slaves, but the new rendering, which shows him as a black man, has shaken Brazilians, prompting some to reconsider how they previously read his work and angering others who feel his legacy had been whitewashed.

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    In he founded and became the first President of the Brazilian Academy of Letters.

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    Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis often known by his surnames as Machado de Assis, Machado, or Bruxo do Cosme Velho (21 June – 29 September.

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