Lamar jackson 40 yard dash time

Lamar Jackson’s 40 Time: How Fast Is Ravens QB’s Speed?

lamar jackson 40 yard dash time

One of the great disappointments of the NFL Scouting Combine was Lamar Jackson deciding not run the yard-dash. “It was a Chargers scout who told me about it,” Jackson recently told a Ravens podcast. The decision makes sense from Jackson’s perspective: He didn’t want.

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Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson chose not to run the yard dash at the Scouting Combine or his Pro Day workout. After throwing nearly 60 passes for scouting on Thursday, he explained why he chose not to run. This guy seems like he has a good head on his shoulders. Where he gets drafted will depend on what teams think of his ability as a passer. The defenders in the NFL are much faster than in college.

Jackson broke through the middle of the line, and Carr darted toward him. Did he come close to Jackson? Carr shook his head. His feet go so fast," Carr said. Some people are built like that.

Anyone who watched a Louisville game last year saw that Heisman Trophy winner Lamar Jackson was clearly one of the fastest players in college football. Now, Jackson has a super-fast yard dash time to drive home the message, according to numbers announced by U of L on Twitter during their annual spring testing week. Jackson's 40 time is.
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Lamar Jackson would have been the fastest quarterback at the NFL Combine, but he decided not to run the yard dash. He participated in all of the throwing drills, but his decision to partcipated in the 40 left some analysts curious. Jackson said it was "absolutely" disrespectful that teams want him as a receiver, but said none of the teams mentioned that to him in any of his meetings. While the teams may not have asked Jackson himself, they appeared to make it known in secret. And according to NFL Media, he wasn't the only player teams wanted to see run different drills. Lamar Jackson has said no one asked him to do WR drills. But the requests were, in fact, made.

Getty Lamar Jacksons speed has hurt opposing defenses. The Ravens quarterback noted he would have run a 4. According to the Courier-Journal , Jackson ran a 4. At the time of the combine, many were wondering whether Jackson could make it as an NFL quarterback. There was some talk Jackson should work out as a wide receiver, but Jackson was adamant that he wanted to play quarterback.

By: Steven Ruiz June 24, am. Participating in the event likely would have done very little for the Louisville product — we all knew he was fast — but, for selfish reasons, it would have been cool to see how fast he was compared to other NFL players. Jackson opted not to run, and now we have someone to blame: A Los Angeles Chargers scout. This scout was apparently the first from an NFL team to ask Jackson about the possibility of him working out as a receiver, Jackson revealed on a Baltimore Ravens podcast. Via Pro Football Talk :. So it just became blown out of proportion.

Lamar Jackson prefers game speed to the 40-yard dash

NFL: Does It Matter That Lamar Jackson Didn't Run 40-Yard Dash?





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