Taylor swift new music video

Watch Taylor Swift’s colourful new video for ‘Lover’

taylor swift new music video

Taylor Swift - The Archer (Lyric Video)

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The day immediately after Leo season ends, for those keeping score at home. But what would a release of any Taylor-related information be without a generous helping of extreme speculation to go with it? But now is not that time! Therefore: Nemesis. That stings. Then again, does it matter who Kloss is on holiday with if … Taylor has wiped her mental hard drive clean on her former companion?

Taylor Swift dropped the new music video for her latest song , "Lover," on Thursday, and the deeply romantic video features a handsome leading man in dancer Christian Owens. Every single night I could see how expressive he is and how just heroic and what an amazing actor he is, as well as being an incredible dancer," Swift marveled, before promoting Owens as "an amazing musician" and teasing that he will soon be putting out some original music of his own. Follow him, support him, love him. He's one of the most talented people I've ever met. So, if you've seen Swift on her Reputation Tour, you've seen her dance with Owens before. And so it goes, you two are dancing in a snow globe round and round The Lover music video is out now!

During the livestream fans can submit questions in the comment section and Swift will select a few to answer. Reservoir has struck a deal to bring UK-based music company Blue Raincoat Music and its subsidiary Chrysalis Records into its portfolio of offerings, according to an announcement from the company today. BMG showed strong financial results for the first half of as part of an earnings report released Thursday by its parent company, Bertelsmann.
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Taylor Swift 's newest music video "Lover" is here, and it features her very own backup dancer, Christian Owens — who's also her first on-screen black love interest. In the music video for the Lover album title track, Christian plays partner to Taylor in a visually lush, romantic dollhouse setup, full of bright colors and Wes Anderson-inspired scenery. The two fight and make up, and even end up with a daughter in the video's final scene. The moment is a refreshing, long-needed change for Taylor's typical landscape of broody white boys see: Tyler Hilton, Sean O'Pry, Dominic Sherwood, etc etc. And the video contains all of Taylor's favorite symbols — her cats , her musical instruments, Christmas trees. For the livestream, Taylor brought out a special guest — Stella McCartney, who collaborated with Taylor on a clothing collection inspired by the album.

Taylor Swift's "Lover" music video is, naturally, no different than her other music videos for Lover so far: It's full of hints about her upcoming album that will be released tonight at midnight. See all the secret clues Taylor Swift packed in her video here. You can watch her "Lover" video here on YouTube. Swift is obsessed with her cats, so of course she framed one and put it on her wall in her pretend house. Swift has already shared these lyrics in the lead-up to her album's release. Now it's just a question of which song they're featured in.

The Lover era has really begun. I repeat: the Lover era has really begun. It's sweet, beautiful, colorful and basically represents all-things positive in this world just like Taylor Swift. The song's uplifting message was fans' first glimpse of what Swift's new album, Lover , could be like. Of course, back in April, fans had no idea about the album's title, but they had a few guesses and Lover was definitely one of them thanks to the easter eggs T-Swift left in the "ME!

Taylor Swift Fans Have Found Some INCREDIBLE Easter Eggs in the “Lover” Video???

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Watch Taylor Swift’s New “Lover” Video

The video is a colorful explosion of happiness and romance, featuring Taylor in different rooms of a big house inside a snow globe with her boyfriend, played by Christian Owens. And like literally everything Taylor does, the video is packed with Easter eggs. And fans figured them out in less than 12 hours due to spending all night just all:. These board games are definitely lyrics! LoverMusicVideo pic.

It was released on June 14, , as the second single from her seventh studio album, Lover Swift wrote and produced the song with Joel Little , who also co-wrote and co-produced her previous single " Me! Swift addresses homophobia and her critics in the song. On April 26, , the title of the song was teased in the intro for the music video for " Me! A lyric video for the song was released together with the song on YouTube. Dan Stubbs from NME called the song "withering in its measured response", concluding it was "an infectious, bite-size pop package". Club wrote that the song "clearly and refreshingly combats homophobia and anti-gay bias".





Taylor Swift Reveals Lena Dunham Inspired The "Lover" Music Video


"You Need to Calm Down" is a song by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. . In New Zealand, the song entered the Recorded Music NZ singles chart at number 5, The music video was directed by Drew Kirsch and Swift, and executive.
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