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us bangla airlines flight 211

Fatal Confusion in the Cockpit Led to this Plane Crash Horror - US-Bangla Flight 211 - 4K


This is never a phrase you want to see in the final conclusion of a report, let alone one involving a commercial airliner. The report came out a few weeks ago, finally shedding some light on the tragic crash on the runway which killed all four crew and 45 passengers in Kathmandu, Nepal. The commission released their full report on the accident see note below on the 28th of January and wow, is it not what I expected when I first heard about the crash. The flight crew, who perished in the crash, were praised for narrowly avoiding crashing into the airport tower as they tried to regain control of the aircraft. This was a series, a stretched Dash-8 which allows for up to 78 passengers. On that day, there were 67 passengers who boarded at Hazrat Shahjala International Airport in Dhaka, Bangladesh, for the scheduled flight to Kathmandu. The captain was a year-old ex-military pilot with 5, hours, 2, of which were on the Dash

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Huge, dark gray columns of smoke uncoiled from the field as rescuers dashed into the crumpled fuselage and tried to pull out as many people as they could. I was in the capital, Kathmandu, maybe three miles away, reporting a story about migration, when the plane went down. I rushed to the airport with Bhadra Sharma, a Nepali journalist. Just outside the gates, we clambered up a pile of gravel and watched fire engines spray water onto the burning plane. A firefighter invited us and some Nepali photojournalists to jump into the back of his pickup truck and we raced right up to the crash site. It smelled like burning plastic, very toxic. The grass was flattened and blackened, scattered with torn papers, shredded seats, pieces of mangled foam and one metal water bottle lying on its own.

Video showed a plane teetering over the runway. When it finally touched the ground, the plane skidded, hit a fence and erupted in a fireball, killing 49 of the 71 people on board. Two others later died from their injuries. Among the dead were 12 Nepalis training to be doctors at a university in Bangladesh. They were returning home for vacation after finishing their final examinations. Nepal suffers from a dire shortage of trained doctors.

Investigators have released the final report into the crash that took the lives of 51 people last March, detailing the disturbing behavior of the captain and the erratic course of the aircraft in its final moments of approach at Kathmandu, Nepal. As a result, the pilots apparently forgot to cancel a hold instruction in the flight-management system. They only realized their mistake when the aircraft started turning left to enter a holding pattern. To correct the deviation, the captain selected a heading of degrees towards the final approach inbound track overriding the FMS Flight Management System LNAV Lateral Navigation mode guidance in a hurried attempt to continue the approach as cleared. Data also revealed the plane was experiencing strong westerly winds, due to which the plane overshot the radial and continued to drift towards the east of the approach path. Autopilot was disengaged at 1.

1 year after US-Bangla crash, fingers point to pilot

US Bangla Crash Investigation


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    Individual tragedies, and a national loss , Monika Deupala Capt Abid Sultan was abusive, erratic and incoherent even before the plane took off from Dhaka on a flight to Kathmandu on 12 March, with 67 passengers and 4 crew.

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