Laxative weight loss success stories

I took 220 laxatives a day till I was just 5 and a half stone

laxative weight loss success stories

For 18 months, Anna Fields lived on little more than bran cereal and laxatives. She describes the scarily extreme routine that nearly killed her.


Natalie Cassidy came dangerously close to developing an eating disorder in a bid to control her weight after she famously slimmed down for her fitness DVD. The former EastEnders actress, 25, lost two and a half stone and dropped down to a size eight for her best-selling DVD Natalie Cassidy: Then and Now, but has now returned to her original size 14 frame. After the release of the fitness video, Natalie split from her personal trainer Dee Thresher and carried on losing weight through her own unhealthy eating plan, which included taking laxatives. Natalie was originally thrilled when she lost weight for the fitness DVD through a combination of healthy eating and working out. With the huge response from the public to her transformation, the actress admits she soon became obsessed with her weight and her appearance.

Drew , and Sober House. When I was 13, I was discovered by a modeling agent and my life changed overnight. I tried to be a normal kid in school, but I was traveling and working all the time. When I turned 14, my agency told me that I was getting too curvy. I wasn't getting fat , I was just going through puberty.

Q: My friend has told me that if I want to lose weight quickly I should take laxatives as well as following a diet. A: This is definitely not something I would recommend. However, using them unnecessarily and frequently can be dangerous and may upset the mechanism of the digestive system so that you become dependent them. Laxatives may also prevent the absorption of some nutrients, potentially leading to nutritional deficiencies. The only way to lose weight safely and sensibly is to follow a moderately reduced-calorie diet combined with taking more exercise.

News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. A year after hitting crisis point and fighting for her life, she has slowly introduced food back into her diet and is recovering and wants to warn other girls of the dangers of competing to be thin. It made me want to lose more weight. I want my story to be a warning to other girls. The more they bullied me, the more I ate. I wanted to be as thin as the bullies but instead I made myself bigger. Over the next year I ate less and less.

Hooked on Laxatives: The Extreme Diet That Nearly Killed Me

I was 16 years old when I climbed into the shower one morning and felt my skin begin to tingle., Of all the health myths in the world, the idea that there is a silver bullet for weight loss may be among the most persistent and pernicious. From detox teas to trendy diets , we've seen countless products and practices that people claim are quick, easy, and harmless ways to lose weight.

Gok Wan: I lived on honey and 50 laxatives a day

News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. But struggling to stick to a diet, the 13st year-old searched for other ways to drop the unwanted pounds. For Ruth, now a year-old mum of one, it was the start of a year addiction to the over-the-counter pills that at the height of her dangerous habit saw her take 90 a day. At one point, her bowels stopped working altogether and she ended up in hospital. Meanwhile, the legacy of her addiction has left her with brittle bone disease and heart problems. So when I saw a documentary on Karen Carpenter I decided to try laxatives for myself.




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