Far cry 4 easter eggs

Far Cry 4 Easter Eggs

far cry 4 easter eggs

In Far Cry 4 there are many hidden secrets referencing movies, games, jokes, famous people or events, also known as Easter Eggs. Contents[show] Super.

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First things first: If you play Far Cry 4 the way it's intended to be played as, you know, a first-person shooter , it will take you much longer than 15 minutes. However, as a sort of joke alternate ending, Ubisoft's given players the option to wait around near the beginning of the game for Pagan Min to return to his snazzy villa after he takes you, Ajay Ghale, a young man who's returned to Kryat to scatter his mother's ashes, captive. Normally this would be the part where you flee, rampage around, and get embroiled in the civil war at the heart of Far Cry 4 's plot. However, if you simply sit there, "enjoying the crab rangoon" as Min says, for a little more than 10 minutes, he'll come back and be your BFF. Or at least, he'll give you a very personal history lesson and take you to a place where you can put your mother's ashes to rest. After exiting the shrine where you've deposited dear old now-conveniently-travel-sized mom, you rejoin Min near his helicopter. He then quips, "Oh good.

Turns out, you can beat the game in roughly 15 minutes without firing a gun, riding an elephant or finding one of those Propaganda Posters. Within minutes of arriving, warlord Pagan Min 's forces assault the bus and kill almost everyone. Interestingly enough, Min recognizes Ajay and takes him and a mysterious man from the bus to his fortress for dinner. He knows Ajay's mom, but before he reveals anything, Min discovers the other man is a terrorist and has his goons carry him away to be tortured. When that happens, Min tells Ajay to stay put and wait for him.

Surprisingly, there's a substantial number of fun Easter eggs in Far Cry 5. Much of what you discover are generally references to past entries in the series, but there are even subtle nods to Ubisoft's other franchises, as well as a slew of pop culture references. Some of the best Easter eggs in the game are references to Far Cry games.
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I haven't exactly been Ubisoft's biggest cheerleader over the course of this past week, between Assassin's Creed Unity's launch issues , and a year's worth of seemingly bad decisions from the company, but I have to give credit where it's due. As Far Cry 4 launches tomorrow, those playing the game early have uncovered something that's a blend of an Easter Egg and an alternate ending that's one of the more interesting video game storytelling twists I can remember seeing in recent memory. And it's one that allows you to beat the entire game in no more than fifteen minutes. All it requires is a little bit of patience. After the intro to the game, Min leaves you alone to enjoy a meal after picking you up on the road.


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