Is pretty little mamas scripted

MTV Reboots Failed ‘Pretty Little Mamas’ Show as ‘Teen Mom: Young Moms Club’ (Exclusive Details!)

is pretty little mamas scripted

pretty-little-mamas-scriptedjpg. Source: Getty Images. 'Pretty Little Mamas' Is as Real as MTV Gets. By Anna.

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The show premiered to terrible rating s, with only , viewers tuning in on August That 25 percent drop in viewership from Week 1 to Week 2 was enough for MTV to yank the show off the air. The Teen Mom fam is growing! Come on mtv you already knew this show was lame and a flop but yet you re-air last years garbage!?!?! Another shit show oops I mean rerun that you sadly renamed…. I hated the pretty little mamas show. Bunch of rich kids living off their parents who were so entitled and RUDE!

Four of the five cast members are indeed long-time friends in real life, dating back to their high school days and even before. The only exception is Nikki, who grew up in Singapore and moved to San Diego while in college — joining the gal gang about four years ago. The concept seems like an incredibly marketable one as it mashes up so many tried and true concepts, including Teen Mom , The Hills , and Pretty Little Liars — but the concept also places a very heavy burden on the stars of the show as they will not only have to look glamorous not a problem for any of them , but they will have to act. Not-so-great acting can add charm to a show like this, but poor acting could easily turn people off immediately. As I mentioned above, the moms of the show will have no problem bringing the glam. All of them have an amazingly strong Instagram game and consistently look nothing short of perfectly gorgeous. I confess that I was a bit awestruck scrolling through a few of the accounts as I wondered how it was even possible to be a single mom in your early twenties and maintain a high-fashion, seemingly perfect life that included ALWAYS being swimsuit-ready!

Our newest obsession is officially Pretty Little Mamas. The latest reality show from MTV follows the lives of five glam and super young moms living in San Diego as they raise their adorable kids. A combination of Real Housewives and Teen Mom , the series will star Nicole, 24, and her girl squad of BFFs — Alyssa, 25, Cheyenne, 24, Nikki, 24, and Chandlar, 25 — as they balance relationships expect some cute baby daddies and motherhood. However, it's no surprise viewers are already skeptical of the series. It is MTV, after all. According to the cast, it's very real — and they hope to clear up some misconceptions when it comes to having kids at a young age along the way. Her co-star and Queen Bee Nicole added, "I think it would be if you have a kid young, your life is over.

Was 'Pretty Little Mamas' Canceled? It Was Taken Off The Air Without Notice


Pretty Little Mamas

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Back in August , the network premiered a show called Pretty Little Mamas. Now the same cast is back under a new moniker, but is it enough to save the concept? The newest incarnation of the wildly popular franchise will follow six friends who all had babies young, according to Us Weekly. The group, based in San Diego, have allegedly known each other for years and their current dynamic is likely to set the show apart from Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 ; both shows follow young mothers who had no connection to one another before filming. My child's father has a substance abuse problem. They hailed it as boring, fake and scripted. Lasting just two episodes, Pretty Little Mamas attempted to follow the same group of friends as they tried to balance young motherhood and their aspirations.

Fans of Pretty Little Mamas were surprised when they tried to watch Episode 3 of the new reality series, only to find out that it was no longer airing in its usual time slot on TV. In fact, the show was pulled from the MTV app and from the website, too. It was almost like it had never been on in the first place. It's in a virtual limbo. It even says that the show airs on Thursdays at 10 p. ET, but that doesn't explain why Pretty Little Mamas went on an unannounced hiatus or why Floribama Shore is on the schedule in the time slot instead of Pretty Little Mamas.





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