White zombie thunder kiss 65

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white zombie thunder kiss 65

"Thunder Kiss '65" is the only official single from the album La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Volume One by White Zombie. The song can also be found on Rob.

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Thunder Kiss ' White Zombie Length : Well, sweet little sista's high as hell, cheating on a halo Grind in an odyssey, a holocaust, a heart kicking on tomorrow And a breakdown agony, I said an extacy in overdrive We're riding on the world, Thunder kissin' nineteen-sixty, five, yeah, wow! Five, yeah, wow! The demon warp is Coming alive In nineteen-sixty, five, five, five! Livin' fast and dying young a like an endless poetry. My motorcycle nightmare freak out inside of me.

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Thunder Kiss '65 Lyrics: Well, sweet little sister's high in hell cheating on a halo / Grind in a odyssey holocaust heart kick on tomorrow / Breakdown—agony.
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Thunder Kiss '65

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