Nwa 100 miles and runnin

Old music: 100 Miles and Runnin'

nwa 100 miles and runnin

Eazy E - Nobody Move

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Songs suchs a Fuck tha Police and Gangsta Gangsta launched NWA as an act and served notice — alarming to many — of what could be said about explicit violence, sex, gangs and the brutality of the authorities. I always found 's Miles and Runnin' more interesting and exciting, partly musically and partly contextually, since it was the group's first release after the acrimonious departure of Ice Cube. Its energy is channelled through a mixture of bitterness and determination to prove their point and it is also yet another showstopper in the production career of Dr Dre. This set-up allows them to borrow the idea of the omniscient narrator DJ from the film The Warriors about a gang trying to get back from Central Park to their base in Coney Island on one hostile night in New York , and she charts their progress as they head home. Previous NWA tracks had focused on the impact of the words and lacked the musical power and originality of Public Enemy. But here Dre reverses that with siren-screaming drama including samples of Martha Reeves, Michael Jackson, Rose Royce and the Temptations among others , although he would soon abandon this uptempo style for the sounds of Parliament and Funkadelic on his way to pioneering the more laidback genre of G-funk.

The multi-layered, Bomb Squad-like production provided a powerful energy to back up the ferocity of the vocals for the first time. It felt like a big step forward for the group. But Sa Prize , with its additional dynamism and more extreme snippets of police brutality, almost feels like the definite version. But by this time it also had the additional production quality that contributed to its attack and the funkiest samples could be liberally mixed in without the need to pay royalties. It lacked the inspiration and focus of its predecessors and got distracted by the continuing beef with Ice Cube. Nick writes fact, fiction and opinion in various places including his music blog noisecrumbs. His musical tastes cover indie, grunge, golden-era hip hop, punk, funk, psychedelia and a big portion of distortion.

25 Years Ago: N.W.A. Carry On Without Ice Cube on ‘100 Miles and Runnin’’ EP

Though released to mixed reviews, the album reached platinum status in the United States by September and ultimately sold over 1,, copies worldwide., More Images.

NWA – ‘100 Miles And Runnin”

A from their EP of the same name. The song also appeared on the N. This song is where the feud between N. A and former member Ice Cube begins. On Dr. Dre 's second verse in this song, he raps the following lines:.




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    Miles and Runnin' is the only extended play by American hip hop group N.W.A. It was released on August 14, by Ruthless Records and Priority.

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    " Miles and Runnin'" is a song by N.W.A from their EP of the same name . The song also appeared on the N.W.A's Greatest Hits and The Best of N.W.A.

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