Charmed and dangerous the rise of the pretty committee

The Clique (series)

charmed and dangerous the rise of the pretty committee

The Pretty Committee Strikes Again "The Clique" Series

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It was a good book. I like this series because all of the books including this one are a quick, cute read. But the only thing is certain details didn't stay true to the series. Like the fact that I enjoyed this book, apart from the fact that Lisi changed some stuff halfway through the book. On the inside flap, it says that the clique Massie is the beta of at PMS is the top clique.

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Post a Comment Thank you for visiting this website! Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into? We all know Massie Block as the alpha-and I'm sure we always thought she was. Massie's stuck in the Ahnabees as a beta even though she knows that she's meant to be an alpha. Alicia Rivera's ready for her turn in the spotlight while her alpha's away-but will she survive through a humiliating mess-up? Skye Hamilton's gone for winter vacation, and she's left to do what she's dreamed about all her life. Dylan Marvil loves being skinny-'cause she knows it.

But from the stillness of her crisp navy blue and white bedroom those words sounded hollow, lonely, forced; like whoo-hooing on a private riding trail after a blanketing snowfall. It was like her mom and dad had ridden a time machine six hours into the future.
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The Clique is a young adult novel series written by Canadian author Lisi Harrison and originally published by Little, Brown and Company , a subsidiary of the Hachette Group. The series was reprinted by Poppy books. Claire and her family move from Orlando, Florida to Westchester, New York , where they live in the Blocks' guesthouse. Claire is initially considered an outcast due to her financial and fashion status. As the series progresses, Claire slowly develops a friendship with Massie, realizing that she must earn her friendship, and eventually becomes a member of the group. The first novel, The Clique , was released on May 19,

Charmed and Dangerous: The Rise of the Pretty Committee





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